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Success is a journey, not a destination. Hung on the shower that fronts the Golden West, the rainbow bursts like magic … frail in its date, eternal in its meaning. There are rules and laws for the success of any venture or adventure. And the first one is: Success depends on beginnings, so start now […] Read More


Close your eyes. Forget the darkness around you and watch the bright red color within your eyelids. Look intently into that violet-red color. Meditate on it, and imagine it is becoming bigger and bigger. Behold around you a dimly shining sea of violet light. You are a wave of light, a ripple of peace floating […] Read More


We can lift ourselves out of ignorance. We can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. We can be free. We can fly! Each of us is in truth an idea – an unlimited idea of freedom. Everything that limits us we have to put aside. The most important thing in living […] Read More

You’ve worked hard to make your personal voice over studio comfortable. It’s you’re place. You’re sanctuary. Or, its a hole in the wall, the corner of your basement, or the closet in you’re kids room. So you need to pick up stakes and move on for some reason. Better location, new relationship, or you got […] Read More

Digital interfaces I’ve talked about how “its not the mic.” But what about another critical part of your Audio chain? When it comes to Digital interfaces, (that thing you plug your mic into?) How it handles its duties can make a big difference in your sound. Most of it bad. Its amazing how one little […] Read More

Learn how to record and process Audiobooks. Dan Lenard, The Home Studio Master, shares some basic Audiobook editing tips and tricks. What Microphone to use when Recording an Audiobook Use a good studio condenser mic. It should cost more than $200. Some examples would be: Audio Technica 2035 AKG Perception series The CAD E100s (great […] Read More

Voice Over websites that are truly effective at converting visitors into customers are not only visually attractive, they provide an easy and familiar experience. You don’t want to teach voice over talent seekers how to use your website. In general, websites follow certain design conventions. Using eye tracking technology, we can accurately predict how users […] Read More

Does the technology of a Home VO Studio scare you? We’ve got just the thing to help! The Home Studio Master does some voice over therapy to help you get over Technophobia in your Home Voice Over Studio Ask the Home Studio Master a question […] Read More

Using SEO-friendly URLs can help Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines understand and index your voice over website faster and easier. This provides a potential SEO benefit and can give your VO website a boost in the search results. The structure of your site’s domain name and URL paths provides an opportunity to guide […] Read More

In this Tip Of the Week, Dan Lenard, THE Home Studio Master, discuss the process of overthinking your home voice over studio. Keep it simple, and here’s why. Ask the Home Studio Master a question […] Read More