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Welcome to our trips, tricks and FAQ section. This is the place we post common questions and answers. If you would like us to write about a certain topic or ask a question, please fill out the FAQ form […] Read More


Now you can get high speed internet access at great savings when you connect to AOL's ITS ALL HERE package. Plus you'll get 250 channel free for joining the AOL community today. Call 1.800.OKCABLE today and we'll throw in three months of free HBO or Showtime AOL, we are always on, are you […] Read More

Cedar Sinai Script rev 1-25-16ak

The main goal of the Precision Medicine Initiative for brain cancer is to use precision science – and the genomic information from each patient’s brain tumor – to develop new personalized cancer treatments. Glioblastoma Multiforme or GBM is the most common type of primary brain cancer and has a very poor prognosis. While no two tumors […] Read More


Pharmacologic therapy is used to prevent and control asthma symptoms, reduce the frequency and severity of asthma exacerbations, and reverse airflow obstruction. Asthma medications are categorized into two general classifications: quick-relief and long-term medications. Quick-relief medications are taken to provide prompt reversal of acute airflow obstruction and relief of accompanying bronchoconstriction. Long-term control medications are […] Read More

As we zoom into a Dupuytren

As we zoom into a Dupuytren’s cord, we see that each collagen fiber is made up of multiple collagen fibrils,8 and microfibrils, and each microfibril is made of several triple-helix collagen monomers.8,9 The native triple-helical conformation and increased covalent cross-linking contribute to the considerable tensile strength of a Dupuytren’s cord.2,10,11 Increased synthesis of types I […] Read More


The six letter word nobody wants to hear from their doctor…Cancer. We know about it, and probably know someone that has dealt with it. But if you’re over the age of 50 and haven’t scheduled a Colonoscopy…you’re in denial, and playing with your life. Men and women over the age of 50 should get screened […] Read More


Currently, more than 300,000 patients with end-stage renal disease require dialysis. Secondary hyperparathyroidism is a serious complication of     end-stage renal disease and can lead to renal osteodystrophy and other organ failure. Vitamin D sterols and phosphate binders are used to treat hyperparathyroidism, but they can cause hypercalcemia, which contributes to vascular and soft-tissue calcification. Cinacalcet […] Read More

Balloon Kyphoplasty

When left untreated, spinal fractures can cause the spine to shorten and angle forward, resulting in stooped posture or a hunched back. This forward curvature of the spine, called “kyphosis”, makes it difficult to walk or conduct normal activities of living. Most spinal fracture treatments merely manage pain and don’t repair the bone or correct […] Read More


Through the design and development of a flexible, simple-to-use sales tool platform for use on tablet devices, this interactive application was created to help sales reps quickly and easily relay to surgeons the application of Bio-Gen fibrin sealant in the treatment of a variety of hernia types and with a range of procedure techniques. With […] Read More

Place the patient supine on the operating table.  The use of a tourniquet is clearly contra indicated. Palpate the tibial tubercle on the anterior aspect of the proximal tibia and the lateral and medial malleoli at the level of the ankle. Make a longitudinal incision overlying the anterolateral aspect of the lower leg.  Begin at […] Read More


How to properly apply AndroGel 1.62%.   AndroGel can transfer from your body to others, so it's important to follow these instructions and apply exactly as your doctor tells you to.  And by doing so, you'll be applying the right dose and you can help reduce the chance of transferring AndroGel to others.  Before using a […] Read More