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“Bogie” “Haunted House”

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How did a guy named “Humphery Bogart” come to be known as the greatest tough-guy in hollywood history? A war-time scuffle and a facial scar sure didn’t hurt.It happened while “bogart was in the Navy during World War One. He was escorting a handcuffed prisoner when the POW smashed “Bogart” in the face and fled. “Bogie” was left with a scar that would define his tough-guy “Sam Spade” appearence.

Everyone knew the house on ‘Melody Lane” had been abandoned for many years. There were plenty of stories about why, each one involving a “Ghost” of some kind, . So one night the neighbors decided to do something about it.They would sneak in and spend the night inside and try to uncover the “Mystery of the House on Melody Lane”.