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Verizon Wireless has great news. Now you can get TalkAlong, the affordable cellular service, for a monthly access fee of just $14.99. You can select any calling area you want. And get this … sign up before April 30th, and we’ll waive your $25 activation fee. So call VERIZON at 1-800-255-CALL. New activation on a […] Read more


Keeping up with your crew is never hard to do with Verizon Wireless FreeUp. It’s the latest spot on wireless service. Do it UpFront with cool features like Text Messaging that lets you Speak ‘n Text. So SetUp and stay on it […] Read more

Verizon Wireless 3

Snap it, style it, send it. Now you can shoot pics right from your wireless phone. Give them your own flair by adding sound and text. Then fire them off to everyone you know. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it’s just what you’d expect from the nation’s largest, most reliable wireless network. For more info, […] Read more

Verizon Wireless 4

At Verizon Wireless we’re committed to testing our network every single day, so we can provide you with the most reliable wireless network in the nation. But don’t just take our word for it, test the best and if you’re not 100% satisfied during your first 15 days, simply return your phone and pay for […] Read more

Verizon Wireless 5

Switch together and talk free with Verizon. Bring your friends, bring your family. Get new In-Network calling. You can talk to any Verizon Wireless customer, absolutely free…anytime…anywhere. You also get unlimited night and weekend minutes and 400 anytime minutes for just $39.99…plus America’s best wireless network. Verizon Wireless…we never stop working for you […] Read more

Verizon Wireless 6

Good Call/Bad Call Style setter or fashion faux paus? We’re asking you to make the call. Use your Verizon Wireless camera phone to send us photos of head turning fashion and you could win a trip to New York City for the ultimate makeover! OR Snap it/Stlye it/Share it Now you can shoot pics right […] Read more


Vermont College of the Union Institute is a forerunner in the field of distance learning. Balance your day-to-day life with individualized study programs that meet your needs. Your way […] Read more


She’ll never know you can’t afford the treatment. But you will. Veterinary Pet Insurance. Enroll today. For her sake. And yours. Call 800-USA-PETS. Or go to petinsurance.com […] Read more


Vigoro Ultra greens your lawn in 72 hours and lasts up to three months. It’s the same technology used to keep Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill club in championship shape. You’ll find Vigoro Ultra at The Home Depot […] Read more


Vindigo is one of the industry’s leading mobile media companies. The company publishes and distributes mobile media through a network of partnerships that includes all tier-one U.S. wireless carriers, with combined reach of more than 140 million mobile subscribers. Vindigo sells mobile content including wallpaper, ringtones, local information, maps, news, entertainment and sports. Vindigo also […] Read more