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Commercial Business Free Voice Over Scripts


You’re watching a bad movie. She puts her hand on your knee. You’re watching the greatest movie in the history of film. From movies to breath-mints. Visa, it’s everywhere you want to be.   […] Read more

Visa 2

Imagine a world where coffee breaks last all day. —and where your cup is always full —(liquid pours) Thank you. It’s where the coffee world meets the cyber-world, and you can be there with the smart new Visa card’s remarkable chip technology. And at the Web Shack Cafe in London, you can buy your coffee […] Read more

Visa 3

Afraid the “you” shopping online isn’t you? Now Visa offers a service to help alleviate that fear. Introducing Verified by Visa- a new service that helps protect Visa cards from unauthorized online use with a personal Verified by Visa password. Once it’s activated, the card will be recognized when a purchase is made at participating […] Read more

Visa Debit

It’s pretty Amazing How one click of a mouse, Can make you move. Groove. Bust it. Shake it. Get down. Get funky. And let your freak flag fly! Ha Ha Ha. Visa Debit is the safe secure way to pay online. More people go with VISA […] Read more


When you shop online this holiday season, get added security with Verified by Visa. By using a personalized password for purchases, Verified by Visa ensures that the person using your Visa card online is, in fact, you. This service is available only from Visa. And is free to cardholders. All you have to do is […] Read more


Vista Print. Best Printing. Best Price […] Read more

VO audition for video showcasing the employees for the Atlanta Braves

We are all brave………. unafraid of the opponents that await us at our door……. Fearless as we join together…… United as we climb to victory………. Arm in Arm….. Hand in hand…. Bravery at its purest……. Together……… We are the watchful eyes……. The smiles on faces……. And the energy……..That electrocutes excitement….. We are a family to […] Read more

VO for Global Beauty Company Recruitment Video

We’re data nerds, eco-warriors, science-freaks, and creative pioneers – working at one of the world’s largest beauty company where “large” gives us leverage to Innovate, Test, and Learn, so that we’re always at the forefront of the hottest trends. Ultimately, teamwork is our superpower because impact begins when we put our brains together and get. […] Read more


Get 6 issues FREE…including Vogue’s Millennium issue! Subscribe now and get a fabulous year of VOGUE for just $1.50 an issue. That’s 6 issues FREE — including the explosive Millennium issue. The future of fashion…as only VOGUE can tell it! Hurry. Respond today to save 50% on VOGUE — and get your 6 free issues […] Read more


12 cute guys who give great backrubs and make amazing Sunday morning omelettes… Want us to introduce you to them? Voicemail mobile dating is the largest fully interactive dating service that works with your phone and makes meeting single people almost too easy. Why? Because we do all the work. Just make one free call […] Read more