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You may feel good about taking your multivitamin, but now you can take a multivitamin that actually helps make you feel good. New Vitsana scientifically blends essential vitamins and minerals with pure G115 ginseng — the same ginseng used in Ginsana. In easy-to-swallow gelcaps, Vitsana has been clinically shown to improve vitality and add a […] Read more

Walgreen’s Specialty Pharmacy

At Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, we provide the convenience of a one-stop approach for all your prescription needs. Using Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy enables our clinical pharmacists to review your entire patient profile, so we can identify potential harmful drug interactions and other conflicts that may result from using multiple pharmacies. The Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy care team—from […] Read more

Wallgreens – The Corner of Happy and Healthy

When you’re at the corner of: I’m a new parent and… I have no idea what I’m doing. You need a hand. Well, Wallgreens is innovating to help. By making prescription drugs this easy to fill, and we’re bringing our pharmacists out front to answer your questions. At wallgreens we’ll do more than help you […] Read more


If you floss you know what a two-handed tug of war feels like. Which is why we at Waterpik are introducing the Flosser. At a speed of 10,000 gentle strokes per minute, its nylon tip effectively removes plaque above and below the gumline. Making it a fast, easy and more convenient way to keep gums […] Read more

Wind Drift After Shave And Cologne

You’re tired. You’ve had a rough week in a grimy city. But now you’re at the shore. The sea is pounding and the air is fresh. You fill your lungs & breathe deeply of clean, fresh air with the tang of salt and the sound of waves. You’re not tired anymore. WIND DRIFT does that […] Read more


Exhausted to the extreme; get new Zest Cool Extreme refreshing mint. It wakes you, shakes you, and revives you with a clear rinse that’s a refresher than the ordinary soap. New Zest Cool Extreme, feel the mint and get refreshed […] Read more

Zest 2

Four new colors & fragrances. Twice the lather of soap. Twice the fun. It’s a refreshingly different kind of clean. New zest body wash. Feel the clean. Have some fun […] Read more

Zest 3

Wake up and smell the tropics! New Zest Tropical Fresh. Get back your Zest […] Read more


You know when you can’t get over something traumatic from your past. You’re unable to feel. You get overly startled…and may have trouble sleeping. You may even feel like it’s happening again. You get so upset…your daily activities and relationships suffer. You know you just can’t put it behind you. It’s time to talk to […] Read more