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What Does Good eLearning Have In Common With Good Movies?

You may not have realized it, but eLearning and movies have many things in common. Both seek to captivate their audience and produce a memorable story, and both can fall flat if not produced correctly. The Correlation Between Good eLearning and Good Movies Have you watched a movie lately – a really good one? Were […] Read more

What is material handling accumulation?

Broadly defined, accumulation is the collecting or gathering of packages, product, totes, etc, in preparation for the next step in processing. Accumulation, in general, performs several vital functions in a material handling system: • It can act as buffer, or temporary storage area, regulating the flow of packages moving toward downstream processes. • It can […] Read more

What You Need To Adopt A Pet – Instructional Video

Thank you for considering adopting an animal from us! Now that you’re ready to adopt a pet, we’d like to help you find one who is right for you. Your new pet will be with you for years, so this is an important decision that should not be rushed into. This video discusses important topics […] Read more

Working From Home

Working in your pajamas. Skipping traffic. Oh yeah. Knowing your lunch is safe from poachers. That’s the blissful reality of working from home. But as anyone who has done it can tell you, the reality is a lot less dreamy. There are no annoying coworkers snapping gum in your ears, but then again, there are […] Read more

Working with Windows

The drop-down Windows menu in the Desktop Console displays five window arrangement options, plus a list of all the windows in the currently selected project. The following figure shows a project that has the AppResponse Insight Index and Default Color Manager open Use Next Window and Previous Window to cycle through making open windows active […] Read more

Writing An Essay

Writing an essay can seem overwhelming, but is actually easier than you think. Follow these steps to ensure essay writing success. Step 1: Read the writing prompt carefully. Figure out what the question is asking you to do.Are you comparing or contrasting, explaining or analyzing? Before you begin be sure you understand exactly what your […] Read more

XO Tablet Tutorial

– XO. Explore your Dreams. Change the world. – Each dream category contains apps, ebooks, and information, all organized for kids by ability, instead of by age, because XO knows kids learn at their own pace. – The content is created in partnership with all of these great companies. – In addition to parental controls […] Read more

Zeton Safety Video

Welcome to Zeton. We are pleased you are here today, and want to ensure your visit is productive and safe. Before proceeding – make sure you sign at reception and have your Visitors Badge visible at all times […] Read more