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Home Voice Over Studio

The Essential List of Voiceover Tools 

No matter what kind of voice actor you are, it’s essential to understand what tools and equipment you need to support your business. It can get overwhelming when you come face-to-face with an exhaustive list of voiceover tools, programs, and equipment, but it is crucial to know which ones you need to produce quality content. […] Read more

Acoustic Treatment vs Soundproofing for Home Voice Over Studios

Soundproofing and Acoustical Treatment By Dan Lenard – The Home Studio Master and President of World Voices Organization Here’s some confusing terminology about home voice over studios.- What’s the difference between Soundproofing and Acoustical treatment? I get a lot of emails from people who still don’t get this. With a home voice over studio, from […] Read more

How to Move your Home and Voice Over Home Studio

You’ve worked hard to make your personal voice over studio comfortable. It’s you’re place. You’re sanctuary. Or, its a hole in the wall, the corner of your basement, or the closet in you’re kids room. So you need to pick up stakes and move on for some reason. Better location, new relationship, or you got […] Read more

Digital Interfaces – Another Critical Part of your Voice Over Audio Chain

Digital interfaces I’ve talked about how “its not the mic.” But what about another critical part of your Audio chain? When it comes to Digital interfaces, (that thing you plug your mic into?) How it handles its duties can make a big difference in your sound. Most of it bad. Its amazing how one little […] Read more

Basic Audiobook Editing Techniques

Learn how to record and process Audiobooks. Dan Lenard, The Home Studio Master, shares some basic Audiobook editing tips and tricks. What Microphone to use when Recording an Audiobook Use a good studio condenser mic. It should cost more than $200. Some examples would be: Audio Technica 2035 AKG Perception series The CAD E100s (great […] Read more

Technophobia And Your Home Voice Over Studio

Does the technology of a Home VO Studio scare you? We’ve got just the thing to help! The Home Studio Master does some voice over therapy to help you get over Technophobia in your Home Voice Over Studio Ask the Home Studio Master a question […] Read more

Don’t Overthink Your Home Voice Over Studio

In this Tip Of the Week, Dan Lenard, THE Home Studio Master, discuss the process of overthinking your home voice over studio. Keep it simple, and here’s why. Ask the Home Studio Master a question […] Read more

Your Choice Of Microphone For A Home Voice Over Studio Is Not As Critical As You Think

In this Tip Of The Week, Dan Lenard, “THE Home Studio Master” shows why your choice of microphone for a home voice over studio is not as critical as you think! Ask the Home Studio Master a question […] Read more