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We provide a customized array of services, tailored specifically for the Voice Over industry. Our solutions are designed to provide you with the ability to manage your voice over business and successfully market yourself in the exciting world of voice over. Our website solutions give you the power to take charge of your voice over web presence in an easy and intuitive way.

Voice Over Industry Services All of our solutions are custom built for voice over

  Web Design for Voice Over Pros (Mobile Friendly and Responsive Sites)

  Internet Marketing/Search Engine Optimization

  Home Voice Over Studio Consulting

  Content Writing

  Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

  Music Composition and Audio Production

  Voice Over Business Consulting

  Voice Over Business Accounting

  Additional Services
  • Voice Actor Caricatures
    Not sure about putting your picture on your website? Our professional caricatures artist can create a fun, dynamic visual representation of you to use on your website, business card and other promotional materials.
  • Content Management Systems
    All of our sites use a CMS like WordPress, so you don’t need to hire someone every time you want to make a change to your site. WordPress lets you change your website with an easy to use interface and no programming involved.
  • Blogs
    WordPress is also a blogging platform, this means you can add a blog to your site at any time, using the same software that manages your website.
  • Audio Embedding (mp3 demo players) On Your Website
    Embedding your audio demos on your website lets your visitors hear your demos wherever, whenever.
  • E-Commerce
    Need to accept payment on your website? No problem, we will help you customize the right payment solution for your site.
  • Content Creation
    Are you the strong but silent type? We can help you write your content and make sure you are getting your message across.
  • Website Backup
    Most hosting companies keep backups for one day. We provide weekly website backups, including database files and save your backup for six months.
  • Site Maintenance
    WordPress & plugin updates. Site health check and monitoring.
  • Video Animation
    Custom video animations to brand your videos and intros.
  • Video Editing & Video Demo Reels
    Creating a video demo reel? Need to edit a video with your voice over? Looking to add some custom special effects? We can help!


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