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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Voice Over

Showing up at the top of a search engine results page, can be extremely valuable. The statistics show that almost all web users never go past the first page of search results when they are looking for something, and the vast majority click on one of the first few choices.

Voice Over Website SEO Analysis – $150/hr

Live detailed review (via Skype or Zoom) with explanation of issues and improvements for website search engine optimization, load speed, responsiveness for new different devices, hacker/security protection, keyword density, and more. Schedule an SEO consultation.

Search Engine Optimization Information

SEO is divided into the following broad categories.

On-Page SEO
This refers to anything that is a part of your actual site and has an impact on your rankings. These factors are almost entirely under your control and include things like content, meta tags, relevancy, website coding, design responsiveness, structured data, website trust and much much more.

Off-Page SEO
The off-page umbrella is made up of factors that effect your website’s ranking, but are not directly located on your website. This can include relevant backlinks, citations and social media. Think of it as the search engines examining your online reputation and then assigning a rank based on that analysis.

Violations & Penalties
In certain cases, search engines might not approve of something related to your site. It could be a mistake in code, violating their terms of service or something more sinister, like a competitor doing something not very nice. If this happens, your website can actually get penalized either via a search engine’s algorithm, or a manual penalty.

E-A-T Optimization
Google uses search quality guidelines to validate that the information on a website and its authors are of a certain quality. E-A-T is an acronym that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust.  It refers to the expertise of the author, authoritativeness of the content or the website itself and trustworthiness of the content on the site.

Voice Over Website SEO Services Include:

SEO Consultation (Review & Analysis)

A comprehensive set of review & analysis workflows we’ve developed to help establish guidelines for voice over SEO plans.

  • Client Consultation: We analyze your voice over business or organization with you, review/help you develop your goals and build a strategic plan.
  • Keyword Study: We research and catalogue the search terms that will provide the most value for your products or services.
  • Current Ranking Analysis: A review of your current rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This helps identify current ranking opportunities, build on the strength of search terms that don’t rank on the first page but do appear on pages two through five and find new keywords for optimization.
  • Backlink Review: An in depth look at the quality and quantity of the current backlink profile connected to your website.
  • Competition Exploration: This is a look at the competitive landscape, how are your potential competitors ranking and what search terms are they targeting.
  • Social Signals Evaluation: A look at the social media presence and authority signals your social media is providing for your overall web presence.
  • Reputation Analysis: An investigation that checks to see if your site has been penalized for any reason.
  • Duplicate Content & Copyright Infringement Review: Is your website content being used by others? It is also possible you unknowingly have been using the same content in multiple places and now you are being penalized for duplicate content? Our review searches for both of these scenarios.

On-site SEO (aka On-page SEO)

This includes anything you can do on your website in order to improve rankings in search engines.

  • Meta Title & Description Tag Analysis and Optimization
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 Heading Tag Analysis and Optimization
  • Image & ALT Tag Optimization
  • Audio Embed Optimization
  • Video Embed Optimization
  • Internal Link Structure Analysis
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • XML Site Map Creation and Submission
  • KML File Submission
  • Schema Markup (Structured Data) Analysis, Creation and Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Article Creation
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Setup and Integration
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup and Integration
  • Google Analytics Setup and Integration

Technical Issues (e.g. Mobile Responsive, Site Load Time, Resources Loading, Coding)

Google and other search engines take into account many different technical factors when calculating how your website should rank. This includes the way a website is coded, how long it takes to load and how does it function on mobile devices.

  • Identify and Resolve On-site Errors
  • Website Coding Analysis and Optimization
  • Mobile Responsive Testing
  • GTMetrix Report Analysis
  • Google PageSpeed Insights Analysis

Content Creation (e.g. Copywriting & Video Creation)

Developing high quality content on a regular basis is one of the most important SEO strategies that you can deploy. Google and other search engines love when a website publishes new and unique content. Great content can facilitate new link building and can help keep your visitors engaged. Our writers can produce content for you or we can guide you through writing your own effective content

  • Voice Over Genre, Product or Service Pages: These are the primary pages that your visitors will be looking for. They describe your product or service, the value proposition and should include a prominent call to action.
  • Blog Posts: Utilizing a blog is one of the easiest ways to generate SEO optimized content on a regular basis. Think about the questions your customers are asking you and then turn them into blog posts. This is SEO gold. Blog posts are also a great way to attract backlinks from others that like your content and are interested in sharing it.
  • Articles: Creating industry relevant articles is a great method for getting published in newspapers, magazines and industry blog. This in turn helps drive traffic to your website and creations extremely relevant backlinks (which are a key ingredient in any SEO strategy)
  • Lists: Top 10 style lists are attention grabbing when people are browsing a search engine. They can also be structured using SCHEMA markup to answer questions which in turn helps provide relevance for a search engine.
  • Guides: Detailed guides (e.g. The Comprehensive Guide to Hiring eLearning Voice Talent” can be used to generate traffic and/or backlinks of a broad or targeted scope. This strengthens the SEO power of your site for the topics your guide covers.
  • Videos: Utilizing videos on your website often keeps people engaged longer than text, images or plain audio. It also creates an opportunity to rank in Google search results for video content and on YouTube.
  • Infographics: These are typically large-format images that show a lot of data on a particular topic. Infographics are often used to display large amounts of data which would otherwise be a wall of text, but instead are converted into visually appealing presentations. They will often get copied and shared by others which (if branded correctly) will help with exposure and SEO if a backlink is provided to the original source.
  • Glossaries: Every industry has its jargon terms. Helping people understand the meaning of industry specific words means you are doing a service to the greater public and also helping Google answer searchers questions.

Link Acquisition (e.g. Other Relevant Websites Linking to You)

The more relevant and powerful websites that link to you, the more authority they pass on to your site. Acquiring authority backlinks is the single most powerful off-site SEO tool to increase ranking potential of a website.

  • Industry Specific: We maintain a library of industry specific websites that can be utilized for targeted relevant links.
  • Social Bookmarking: Online social bookmarking communities liked Reddit, Delicious and Folkd can be a good source of social powered backlink signals.
  • Blogs: Contributing to industry blogs means you get exposure on an external site and a relevant backlink.
  • Business Directories: Submission to high-quality business directories such as yp.com builds authority for your site.
  • Media Distribution: Mentions of your brand and website in popular media are major drivers of authority for your website ranking. It also gives you the opportunity to potentially appear in Google News and Bing news, giving your website even more authority in your niche.

Link Quality Review and Disavow (e.g. Reputation of Website Linking to You)

You are associated with whomever you are linked to. Both incoming and outgoing. If the reputation of a website that is linked to you (or that you link to) isn’t good, that can hurt your website’s reputation.

  • Link Profile Overview: It is important to see a list of all the websites that link to you along with their reputation. Based on the score of each individual link, you can take action such as disavowing a link.
  • Low-Quality Link Disavow: Google allows you to disavow links that you do not want associated with your website. Getting rid of low-quality links can help your website’s reputation and improve ranking.

Industry Best Practices
As you can see, the world of SEO is a vast and ever changing one. Our research never stops, and we are constantly updating our techniques in order to stay ahead of the curve. We have established a set of best practices that will align your voice over website with the top performers in the industry

Would you like to learn more? Setup an SEO consultation and analysis now.