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Voice Over Business Consulting

Our Voice Over Business Consulting services are provided by Nikki Lowe. She’s driven by her love of organizing, brainstorming, and creating clearer paths forward to help voice actors reach their goals.

Nikki is a voice actor of 17 plus years, business woman of 25 plus years, and a creative brainstormer always. With a background in teaching, software implementation, workflow restructuring and project management, Nikki brings a personal and customized approach to identifying where businesses might be struggling and helping them explore solutions. In addition to the logistics, she will share ideas that will inspire, motivate, and fuel your drive to forward.

Examples of some VO Business topics:

  • Mindset: Voice Acting isn’t just a job. It’s personal. Having a positive mindset when you hit a speedbump helps to navigate the highs and lows of our business and the highs and lows our or emotions.
  • Help finding trusted resources for tasks you need to get done: Within the voiceover industry you’ll find a strong community and within the community, you’ll find an even stronger village. Understanding different ways to find ‘your people’ will save a lot of time, energy and frustration.
  • Workflow: Every service-based business is made of elements – things that a business needs to have in order to run well. Visualizing each section and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each is vital to moving your voiceover career forward.
  • Voiceover genres and where you might be able to grow: There are 2 main demos every voice actor should have but there are many genre specific demos a voice actor could have. Understanding genres and creating a roadmap to reach your destination is key before you dive in.
  • Brainstorming for your “Brand”: Brand is much more than a logo. Brainstorming possible ideas and ways to incorporate this into all aspects of your business to reflect your uniqueness is important in standing out in a saturated market.
  • Rates: “What are your rates?” will be one of the most asked questions you’ll hear so you need to be ready. Knowing resources, how to negotiate and how to present to clients streamlines the client experience. Creating rate sheets and tracking internal production house rates streamlines YOUR experience.
  • Where to find auditions: Auditions are the gems of our business. Understanding different ways to receive auditions and what works best for you will help your daily flow and productivity.
  • How to get on internal rosters: Direct Marketing to end clients is great but figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Identifying where you’re struggling and where you can delegate will strengthen weak spots and free up time.
  • The money: How you’re tracking jobs, invoicing, receiving payments, reporting and other areas you might need to streamline. Note: Always seek the advice of a finance professional when you’re moving ahead.
  • Deconstructing goals: Looking at a goal can make even the bravest of us want to run away and hide. If a large goal is broken down into manageable small tasks, you can feel ready for any challenge.
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