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Your potential clients want to learn more about you before they reach out, so they will most likely go to the Bio section or About page. This is your chance to tell your story, show your personality and style, and stand out from the competition. The SEO-friendly voiceover bio aims to get your website to […] Read more

Many factors go into getting voiceover work. You can create a profile on pay-to-play websites and audition for jobs from clients worldwide. You can also search for voice over jobs on freelancer websites like Upwork.com. Another option is to create your own website and network with other talent, producers, and directors. Most importantly, you’ll need […] Read more

A voice talent’s annual income can vary greatly, and when just starting out, most of what is earned should be reinvested into your studio, demos, and marketing. This means that a second job is sometimes necessary at this stage to support daily living expenses. However, as you build a portfolio of clients, you will begin […] Read more

Anyone who has operated a small business knows how challenging it can be to get everything organized and running smoothly. First, you’ll need to choose between doing voiceover as a hobby or committing to running a business. If you are ready to own and operate your own show, it makes sense to form an entity […] Read more

Over the years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of voice over artists achieving fantastic success. As more talent joins the industry, it becomes vastly more competitive, so it’s essential to understand the voice over business skills necessary to succeed. Sometimes you may feel like you’re wearing too many hats, so let’s narrow […] Read more

Coolio. Fly. Gnarly. What do these words all have in common? In their prime, they were once some of the most popular slang terms in America. However, these once commonly used words can now date someone to a specific decade in time. Societal changes and pop culture events impact our language, bringing new words and phrases into the […] Read more

The 2020 guide to social media image cheat sheet for voice actors. The original social image size guide was created by: Make a Website Hub […] Read more

Google’s advice when thinking about content for your website is “We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward.” What does this mean and how can a voice actor use it to create great content that is also relevant to voice over talent seekers? Google […] Read more

As voice actors, the way we sound is extremely important. Our voice changes naturally as we age. Dramatic changes in our voice take place during adolescence. Teenage boys experience this as a rise in the male hormone testosterone causes the larynx to get increase in size. The testosterone makes the vocal cords lengthen and thicken. […] Read more

THIS WEEK ON VOICEOVER BODY SHOP:  There’s no COMMUNITY like the VO community! Jay Preston created the VO Collective in 2011 as a private facebook group in order to keep in touch with classmates from VO workshops around LA. He has realized the importance of a trustworthy collective of friends and valuable information. His friend Tim Friedlander, […] Read more