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Voiceover Microphones

Whether it is your first time crossing the threshold into the both where all your dreams lay ahead or not is irrelevant when it comes to picking a microphone. Perhaps you have had thousands of sessions and you have your microphone of choice in mind each and every time. Regardless, there is something warmly and […] Read more

Form for International Voiceover Work

International voiceover work is massive, and that is an exciting concept. When we do not need to physically be with the people we share the credit screen with, this opens up opportunities for all types of wonderful things. Here is an example, being able to record from home with anyone all over the world. In […] Read more

ACX and Voiceover

Audible for ACX and Voiceover

This is an interview ‘ACX and Voiceover’ with Patrick Mulligan and Emily Curran from ACX. In this article, you will discover how audiobooks find their home with ACX and voiceover.  The world of audiobooks is growing and ACX helps indie authors share their stories with the world through audio. It connects authors with voiceover artists […] Read more

Basic Editing DAW Screen

Editing is one part of our jobs that most voiceover artists hate. Ok, hate is a strong word, but it certainly is not the most attractive bit. That said some voice actors do enjoy it, I am merely making a generalization to set the foundations for getting our heads around the basics. So what are […] Read more

Voiceover Agents Working Together

Voiceover Agents are a critical and important part of the voiceover industry. There is a misconception that when one gets an agent, they can sit back and wait for the phone to ring. This is really not the case at all. A voice actor should work as hard as their agent to bring in the […] Read more

Researching and Creatively Finding Voiceover Work

Finding voiceover work in a jam can be tricky! You can check out our previous article on the best ways to do this. But there is something else we so desperately need to consider and we will cover that in this article. What am I talking about? Well, there is this deep pot of potential […] Read more

Social Media for Voice Actors

Utilizing social media for voice actors can seem like a scary challenge. Actually, social media can be a lot of fun, but there is much to consider when utilizing it for your business. For example, which platforms to use, how much you share, and what you share are top points. So let us delve in. […] Read more

Voiceover Artists With Source-Connect.

With the mission of connecting creative-media professionals, whether they are in the same city or different parts of the world, Source Elements launched Source-Connect in 2005. We began our journey by offering remote collaboration tools with studio-quality, low-latency, and record-ready audio over the internet. In these early years, being remote was a great challenge for […] Read more

Cartoon doodles for Animation Voiceover

Animations (or cartoons) are a wonderful form of art. Perhaps you are reading this and are brought back to your childhood. Maybe you are a parent, and your child’s favorite shows come to mind, generating a range of memorable characters you are now pondering on. Well, whatever your experience is of animation, performing in animation […] Read more

A Creature For Creature Voice Article

Creature voices are one of the most interesting and challenging for the voice actor. The incredibly realistic and immersive sounds of modern titles, creature voices can play a crucial role in creating a believable and immersive gaming experience. But how do you create a unique creature voice? Especially if it doesn’t exist in the real […] Read more