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Casting voiceover is a very difficult job. You can learn about some of the relationships and a day in the life of a voiceover casting director here. In this article, we will look at the audition process and the relationship between the performer and the casting director. Before I begin, it is important to recognize […] Read more

A voiceover casting director plays an instrumental role within the voiceover industry. Many fail to understand the mass responsibility and sheer workload that goes into the role of a casting director. As well as this, so many voiceover artists fall short when interacting with a casting director. In this article, we will look at the […] Read more

No one likes the idea of spending money right? The idea of taking on a new time-consuming venture is equally unappealing, isn’t it? So why are you reading this article? I believe it is because you have a passion for voiceover. You may be at the beginning of your voiceover journey or have been at […] Read more

Let us start from scratch. This article is named Voiceover and Podcast Content because we are going to explore what type of content you can make when delivering a podcast and how that is translatable to voiceover. How are we going to do that? Well, we can break it down into two categories, the how […] Read more

There are many similarities between voiceover and podcasting, but at the same time, it is important to recognize they are entirely different industries. Interestingly there are some pretty significant differences too. Technically speaking, they share some common traits which we will explore first, but podcasting presents an amazing opportunity for voiceover artists to gain work […] Read more

We all want to work, right? Big, healthy, frequent, and well-paid jobs are the dream! Oh, and if they just so happen to be an amazing role too, that’s even better! Sure, we can get paid a few grand for a long narration piece, but how much more attractive would it be to be the […] Read more

In this article, we will be looking at VO Anime Emotes. Interested in learning a bit more about Anime? The good news is we have a lot of wonderful information on that very topic. In this article, we will be looking at a specific skill within the whacky world of Anime. Let’s first undergo a […] Read more

First of all, let us start from the top – an NDA is ‘A Non-disclosure agreement’. Contracts, forms, policies, and documents are not my idea of a relaxing evening. I will make a wild guess here and say that 99% of the readers probably share that opinion too. It is a common and well-known truth […] Read more

Life is a rollercoaster, isn’t it? It’s hardly predictable and each day comes with its own set of challenges and successes. Have you ever felt anxious about a situation only for it to turn out completely fine? Have you ever made plans for something in the future only for it to turn out completely different? […] Read more

The voiceover industry is well-connected and very supportive; we are all in it together. Voice actors have a real love for the booth, and we all share in that. I cast every genre within the industry, but casting commercial voiceover is more frequent.  Commercials are the bread and butter of our industry, and sometimes they […] Read more