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Voice Over Genres

There are a lot of genres of voice over where there is potential work available. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular ones and are adding detailed descriptions to help folks better understand the landscape of possible voice over work. This list is a work in progress and we will be continually updating it.

  • Animation-Anime
  • Audiobooks
  • Business Narration-Industrial-Corporate
  • Commercials-TV-Radio-Web
  • Documentary
  • E-Learning
  • Explainer Videos-Mobile Apps-Websites
  • Medical Narration
  • Political Spots
  • Telephony-IVR-On Hold-Voice Mail
  • Trailer-Promo-Imaging
  • Video Games

The most comprehensive list of genres with descriptions can be found on the VoiceActor.com list of voice over genres page.

Commercial Voice Over

Commercials can take on many forms, from television or radio ads to web videos and more, yet different types of commercials have one thing in common: the importance of voice over for the commercial’s success. Commercial voice over plays a major role in communicating a company or organization’s message to potential consumers. Alongside any visuals or sound effects, the voice over in a commercial or ad can speak directly to the target audience in a way that is persuasive and grabs their attention.

Whether the commercial is promoting a particular product, a service, or making an important announcement, the voice over is key to providing a memorable experience for the audience and accurately representing the company’s brand. Commercial voice over performed by professional voice talent can create a lasting impression on consumers and the public, helping to build loyalty to the company. This can lead to continued business even beyond the specific product or service that the commercial is featuring.

Audiobook Voice Over

Audiobooks have become a highly popular platform for storytelling. Unlike other genres of voice over that often have accompanying visuals, audiobooks rely entirely on the narrator’s voice to convey all of the elements of the story. These include the emotions of the characters, any action that is taking place, and the overall tone and mood of each scene. A skilled audiobook voice actor will be able to capture the personality of each character with their voice, bringing them to life for the audience. Audiobook voice talent will also know how to keep the energy and momentum of the story going, in order to captivate their listeners and motivate them to stay engaged for the entire experience.

There are many different kinds of audiobooks, which vary widely in terms of their voice over needs. Non-fiction or self-help audiobooks might require an authoritative yet friendly tone, whereas fiction audiobooks may need a more dynamic, emotional, or conversational sound depending on whether the story is a romance, mystery, adventure, sci-fi, etc.

Narration Voice Over

Narration voice over is everywhere – in commercials, films, television, web videos, animations, and more. A narration can serve many different purposes, and therefore requires a voice actor with the skills and the versatility to tailor their voice to the project at hand. For example, a documentary film narration may need to have a trustworthy and convincing sound in order to lend credibility to the information that is being conveyed. In contrast, the narration for a children’s cartoon television show may sound completely different, with a bubbly and energetic quality that keeps kids entertained. No matter what type of narration a voice actor must perform, the style and tone of the piece will dictate how they will have to mold their voice to fit the occasion.

Another important aspect of narration is that the voice should blend seamlessly with any visuals or other sounds. This includes having the right timing and pace, matching the narrator’s speech to the characters as they are speaking or to the events as they unfold during a scene. A professional narration voice talent will be able to effectively achieve these goals and create an engaging experience for the audience.