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Voice Over Actor Agents

Browse our free to access list of voice over agencies. This comprehensive database of agents for voice over talent includes addresses, email, websites and additional information. If you are a voice actor looking for agency representation, this is the list for you!

Agency City Country Details
90210 Talent Los Angeles USA 90210 Talent
16430 Ventura Blvd,
Encino, CA , 91436
tel: 323.903.7217
email: VO@90210talent.com
web: http://90210talent.com/
A S P Voiceover Agency Asheville USA A S P Voiceover Agency
825 C Merrimon Ave #396
Asheville, NC , 28804
tel: 828-348-0500
email: vo@aspvo.com
web: http://www.aspecialproject.com
AB2 Talent Los Angeles USA AB2 Talent
11601 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA , 90025
tel: 310-235-1446
email: vo@ab2talent.com
web: http://www.ab2talent.com
Abrams Artists Agency NY New York USA Abrams Artists Agency – NY
275 7th Avenue, 26th Floor
New York, NY , 10001
tel: 646-486-4600 ext243
email: voiceoverny@a3artistsagency.com
web: http://www.abramsartists.com
Abrams Artists Agency LA Los Angeles USA Abrams Artists Agency – LA
11, East Tower, 750 N San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA , 90069
tel: 310-728-1060, Fax 310-859-9791
email: voiceoverla@a3artistsagency.com
web: http://www.abramsartists.com
Access Talent New York USA Access Talent
171 Madison Avenue Suite 1005
New York, NY , 10016-7919
tel: 212-331-9600
email: projects@accesstalent.com
web: http://www.accesstalent.com
2 West 45th Street Suite 1201
New York, New York , 10036
tel: (646) 476-9200
email: voiceover@acmtalent.com
web: http://www.acmtalent.com
All Coast Talent New York USA ACT – All Coast Talent
217 Water Street, 2nd Floor
New York, New York , 10038
tel: 716-836-4339 716-713-8299
email: tonisilveri@gmail.com
web: http://www.allcoasttalent.com
Aperture Talent Los Angeles USA Aperture Talent
9378 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA , 90212
tel: 310-601-2532
email: Brandie@aperture-talent.com
web: http://www.aperture-talent.com
Arcieri & Associates New York USA Arcieri & Associates
6 East 39th Street, #1202
New York, NY , 10016
tel: 212.286.1700
email: talent@arcieritalent.com
web: http://www.arcieritalent.com/
Arlene Thornton & Associates Los Angeles USA Arlene Thornton & Associates
12711 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 490
Studio City, CA , 91604
tel: 818-760-6688
email: arlene@arlenethornton.com
web: http://www.arlenethornton.com/
Artistic Talent Los Angeles USA Artistic Talent
5437 Laurel Canyon
Los Angeles, CA , 91607
tel: 213-359-2003
email: marci@artistictalentla.com
web: http://www.artistictalentla.com
Atlas Talent Agency New York USA Atlas Talent Agency – NY
15 East 32nd Street, 6th floor
New York, NY , 10016
tel: NY 212-730-4500, LA 310-324-9800
email: judy@atlastalent.com
web: http://www.atlastalent.com
Atlas Talent Agency Los Angeles USA Atlas Talent Agency – LA
8721 Sunset Blvd., #205
Los Angeles, CA , 90069
tel: 310.324.9800
email: Jen@atlastalent.com
web: http://www.atlastalent.com
Avalon Artists Group Los Angeles USA Avalon Artists Group
5455 Wilshire Blvd. #900
Los Angeles, California , 90036
tel: 323-692-1700
email: stephany@avalonartists.com
web: http://www.avalonartists.com
Avant Artists Los Angeles USA Avant Artists
21300 Victory Blvd. #505
Woodland Hills, CA , 91367
tel: 818.609.1556
email: info@avantartists.com
web: http://www.avantartists.com
AVO Talent Los Angeles USA AVO Talent
5670 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1930
Los Angeles, CA , 90036
tel: 310-360-7680
email: info@avotalent.com
web: http://www.avotalent.com
BBA Talent Los Angeles USA BBA Talent
3500 W. Olive Ave. #300
Burbank, CA , 91505
tel: 818.506.8188
email: mike@bbatalent.com
web: http://www.bbatalent.com
Benz Model and Talent Agency Tampa Bay USA Benz Model and Talent Agency
2211 7TH AVE
Tampa, FL , 33605
tel: 813 242 4400
email: allison@benztalent.com
web: http://benzmodels.com/
BH Talent Los Angeles USA BH Talent
16430 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA , 91436
tel: 323.596.7827
email: agents@BHTalent.com
web: http://www.bhtalent.com
Big Fish Talent Agency Colorado USA Big Fish Talent Agency
7000 E. 1st Ave
Greenwich Village, CO
tel: +1 303 744 7170
email: rachel@bigfishtalent.com
web: https://thinkbigfish.com/
Big Mouth Talent Chicago USA Big Mouth Talent Inc.
5100 N. Ravenswood, Ste. 102
Chicago, IL , 60640
tel: 312-421-4400
email: kelly@bigmouthtalent.com
web: http://www.bigmouthtalent.com
BMG Talent Group Atlanta USA BMG Talent Group
1755 The Exchange Suite 350
Atlanta, GA , 30339
tel: 770-702-5886
email: Julie@bmgglobal.com
web: http://www.bmgtalent.com
Bounty LA Los Angeles USA Bounty LA
1601 Vine St, 6th floor
Los Angeles, CA, 90028
tel: +1 (323) 342 5177
email: contact@bountyla.com
web: https://www.bountyla.com/
Boysen Agency Cypress USA Boysen Agency
P.O. Box 2134
Cypress, TX 77410
tel: 713-349-0000
email: office@boysentalent.com
web: https://www.boysentalent.com/
10 East 44th Street
New York, New York , 10017
tel: 212 634 8350
email: Katherine@buchwald.com
web: http://www.buchwald.com
6500 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA , 90048
tel: 212.634.8350
email: Katherine@buchwald.com
web: http://www.buchwald.com
BUCHWALD (Animation) Los Angeles USA BUCHWALD – LA (Animation Only)
6500 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2200
Los Angeles, CA , 90048
tel: 212.634.8345
email: pgoldman@buchwald.com
web: http://www.buchwald.com
Butler Ruston Bell Toronto Canada Butler Ruston Bell
10 St Mary St. #310
Toronto, Ontario , m4y 1p9
tel: 416-964-6660
email: brb@brbtalent.com
web: http://brbtalent.com/
CAA Los Angeles USA CAA (Creative Artists Agency)
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA , 90067
tel: 424.288.2000
email: jnicolay@caa.com
web: http://www.caa.com/
Calliope Voices Minneapolis USA Calliope Voices (Union & Non-Union)
210 North 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN , 55401
tel: (612) 333-2899
email: jerry@buzzcutzaudio.com
web: http://www.calliopevoices.com
Capital Talent Agency Washington DC USA Capital Talent Agency, LLC
1330 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC , 20036
tel: (202) 772-1120
email: Roger@capitaltalentagency.com
web: http://www.capitaltalentagency.com
Caryn Model and Talent Management Minneapolis USA Caryn Model and Talent Management
4229 Excelsior Blvd
Minneapolis, MN , 55416
tel: 952-945-6600
email: agents@carynmodels.com
web: http://www.carynmodels.com
Cassell-Levy Los Angeles USA Cassell – Levy Inc.
North Hollywood, CA , 91606
tel: 818-760-3971
email: clincvoices@att.net
web: http://www.clinctalent.com/
CESD New York USA CESD (Cunningham, Escott, Slevin, Doherty) – NY
333 7th Avenue ? 11th Floor
New York, New York , 10001
tel: 212-477-1666
email: nyvoices2@cesdtalent.com
web: http://www.cesdvoices.com
CESD Los Angeles USA CESD (Cunningham, Escott, Slevin, Doherty) – LA
10635 Santa Monica Blvd. #130
Los Angeles, CA , 90025
tel: 310-475-2111
email: laprojects@cesdtalent.com
web: http://www.cesdvoices.com
Characters Talent Agency Toronto Canada Characters Talent Agency – Toronto
8 Elm St.
Toronto, Ontario , M5G-1G7
tel: 416-964-8522
email: donna@thecharacters.com
web: http://www.thecharacters.com
Characters Talent Agency Vancouver Canada Characters Talent Agency Ltd – Vancouver
200 – 1505 West 2nd Ave.
Vancouver, BC , V6H 3Y4
tel: (604) 733-9800 x 328
email: caroline@thecharacters.com
web: http://www.thecharacters.com
Clear Talent Group Los Angeles USA Clear Talent Group
10950 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA , 91604
tel: 818-509-0314
email: Marci@cleartalentgroup.com
web: http://cleartalentgroup.com
Coast to Coast Talent Group Los Angeles USA Coast to Coast Talent Group
3350 Barham Blvd
Los Angeles, CA , 90068
tel: 323.845.9200
email: portia4coast@gmail.com
web: http://www.ctctalent.com
Coastal Talent Charleston USA Coastal Talent
PO Box Box 1142
Charleston, South Carolina , 29451
tel: 843.367.1814
email: pam@coastaltalent.com
web: http://www.coastaltalent.com
Commercial Talent Los Angeles USA Commercial Talent
12711 Ventura Blvd, Suite 285
Los Angeles, CA , 91604
tel: 818-505-1431
email: voiceover@commercialtalentagency.com
web: http://www.commercialtalentagency.com
Connekt Creative Vancouver Canada Connekt Creative
211-73 East 6th Ave Suite 208
Vancouver, British Columbia , V5T1J3
tel: 604.620.6001
email: voice@connektcreative.com
web: http://www.connektcreative.com
Cope Management Los Angeles USA Cope Management
8846 Azul Drive
West Hills, CA , 91304
tel: 818-887-1514
email: Jaling@voexpress.com
web: http://www.voexpress.com
Crown North Talent Agency Los Angeles USA Crown North Talent Agency
1045 N El Dorado St
Los Angeles, California , 95202
tel: 925-415-1462/209-461-7272
email: cntmanagement@gmail.com
web: http://www.crownnorthtalents.com
CT Voiceovers Charlotte USA CT Voiceovers
1230 West Morehead
Charlotte , NC , 28120-1590
tel: 704.332.3218
email: shelly@carolinatalent.us
web: http://www.carolinatalent.us
dB Talent Austin TX USA dB Talent
Austin TX
tel: 512-292-1030
web: http://dbtalent.com/
DDO Artists Agency New York USA DDO Artists Agency – NY
175 Varick Street, Suite 268
New York, NY , 10014
tel: 212 379 6314
email: eileen@ddonyc.com
web: http://ddoagency.com/
Devine Voices Kent UK Devine Voices
tel: +44 (0)207 412 8919
email: hello@devinevoices.com
web: https://www.devinevoices.com
Diamondfield Entertainment Toronto Canada Diamondfield Entertainment
124 Portland Street
Toronto, ON , M5V 2N5
tel: 416-977-9596
email: lorne@diamondfield.com
web: http://www.diamondfield.com
Dorothy S Management Vancouver Canada Dorothy S Management Inc.
18 – 1535 West 13th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. , V6J 2G5
tel: 604-874-3309
email: dorothysz@gmail.com
DPN Los Angeles USA DPN
9201 W. Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA , 90212
tel: 310-432-7800, fax 310-432-7801
email: info@dpntalent.com
web: http://www.dpntalent.com
Dramatic Artists Agency Los Angeles USA Dramatic Artists Agency – Los Angeles & Seattle
103 West Alameda #139
Burbank, CA , 91502
tel: 818.288.1859
email: crgrager@dramaticartists.com
web: http://dramaticartists.com/
Duygu Basara Agency London UK Duygu Basara Agency – London
Albury Park Mansion Apt 4, Albury Park
Guildford, UK, GU5 9BB
tel: 44 7470 178282
email: voiceover@duygubasara-london.co.uk
web: https://duygubasara-london.co.uk/home/
Elev8 Talent Agency Los Angeles USA Elev8 Talent Agency
489 S. Robertson
Beverly Hills, CA , 90211
tel: 310.734.8688
email: Susie@Elev8Agency.com
web: http://www.elev8agency.com
Esprit Talent Agency Los Angeles USA Esprit Talent Agency
11620 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90025
email: EspritVoices@gmail.com
web: http://www.EspritTAlentAgency.com
Ethnic Voice Talent Toronto Canada Ethnic Voice Talent
2 Toronto Street
Toronto, ON , M5C 2B5
tel: (416) 515-8918
email: sarah@pnagency.com
web: http://www.ethnicvoicetalent.com
Foster Talent Toronto Canada Foster Talent
615-600 Sherbourne St.
Toronto, Ontario , M4X 1W4
tel: 416-309-7373
email: jude@fostertalent.com
web: http://www.fostertalent.com
Gersh Los Angeles USA Gersh
9465 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, California , 90212
tel: 310-887-3734
email: jberne@gersh.com
web: http://www.gersh.com
Glenn Talent Management Toronto Canada Glenn Talent Management
80 Rushbrooke Ave
Toronto, Ontario , M4M 3A9
tel: 416.402.1021
email: chelsea@glenntalent.ca
web: http://glenntalent.ca
Grand Wave Entertainment Toronto Canada Grand Wave Entertainment Inc.
56 Earlscourt Ave
Toronto, ON , M6E 4A6
tel: 416-909-5411
email: morgan@grandwaveentertainment.com
web: http://www.grandwaveentertainment.com
Gray Talent Group Los Angeles USA Gray Talent Group – LA
116 N Maryland Ave. Suite 140
Los Angeles, CA , 91206
tel: 312.663.1659
email: graytalentgroup@gmail.com
web: http://www.graytalentgroup.com
Gray Talent Group Chicago USA Gray Talent Group – Chicago
727 S. Dearborn St. Suite 312
Chicago, IL , 60605
tel: 312-663-1659
email: graytalentgroup@gmail.com
web: http://www.graytalentgroup.com
Grossman & Jack Talent Chicago USA Grossman & Jack Talent, Inc.
33 W Grand Avenue, Ste#402
Chicago, IL , 60654
tel: 312-587-1155
email: lindaj@grossmanjack.com
web: http://www.grossmanjack.com/
Groundcrew Studios Charlotte USA Groundcrew Studios – McCarrell & Associates (Right to Work)
2127 Hawkins Street
Charlotte, N.C. , 28203
tel: (704) 342-9900
email: mccarrellandassoc@earthlink.net
web: http://www.groundcrewstudios.com
Hero Artists Toronto Canada Hero Artists Inc
1187A King St. W
Toronto, Ontario , M6K 3C5
tel: 416.918.7175
email: info@heroartists.com
web: http://http://www.heroartists.com/
Heyman Talent Agency Colombus USA Heyman Talent Agency
772 N. High Street, Suite 207
Columbus, OH, 43215
tel: 1 614 291 8200
email: arri@heymantalent.com
web: https://www.heymantalent.com/
Houghton Talent Atlanta USA Houghton Talent
919 Collier Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA , 30318-2533
tel: (404) 603-9454
email: mystie@houghtontalent.com
web: http://www.houghtontalent.com
iCan Talk London UK iCan Talk Ltd
Palm Tree Mews
Market Harborough, Leicestershire , LE16 7US
tel: +44 1858 466 749
email: hello@icantalk.co.uk
web: http://www.icantalk.co.uk
ICM Los Angeles USA ICM (International Creative Management) Branded Entertainment Division
10250 Constellation Blvd
Los Angeles, CA , 90067
tel: 310.550.4278
email: cgoll@icmtalent.com
web: http://www.icmtalent.com/
IDIOM Worldwide Los Angeles USA IDIOM Worldwide
5137 Clareton Dr Unit 120
Agoura Hills, California , 91301
tel: (424) 253-9997
email: shane@idiomtalent.com
web: http://www.idiomworldwide.com
Imperium 7 Los Angeles USA Imperium 7
5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1706
Los Angeles, California , 90036
tel: ph.323.931.9099
email: Marni@imperium-7.com
web: http://www.imperium-7.com
Impressive Talent Frederick USA Impressive Talent
9745 Wyndham Drive
Baltimore, MD , 21704
tel: 240-271-4499
email: info@impressivetalent.com
web: https://www.impressivetalent.com/
In Both Ears Portland, OR USA In Both Ears
c/o The Actors Group
9703 SW 264th Street
Vashon, WA 98070
tel: 503-892-8833
email: info@inbothears.com
web: https://inbothears.com
Ingber & Associates New York USA Ingber & Associates
1140 Broadway, Suite 907
New York, New York , 10001
tel: 212-889-9450
email: ingber274@gmail.com
Innovative Artists New York USA Innovative Artists – NY
235 Park Avenue South – 10th Floor
New York, New York , 10003
tel: 212-253-6900
email: voiceover@iany.com
web: http://www.innovativeartists.com/
Innovative Artists Los Angeles USA Innovative Artists – LA
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA , 90401
tel: 310.656.0400
email: voiceoverla@iala.com
web: http://www.innovativeartists.com/
International Voice Group London UK International Voice Group Ltd.
7 Suffolk Drive
Whiteley, London , PO15 7DE
tel: +44 7827 434715
email: internationalvoicegroup@gmail.com
web: http://www.internationalvoicegroup.com
J Pervis Talent Agency Atlanta USA J Pervis Talent Agency
3050 Amwiler Road, Ste. 200-C
Atlanta, GA , 30360
tel: 404.688.9700
email: jayme@jpervistalent.com
web: http://www.jpervistalent.com
JAM Talent Management Toronto Canada JAM Talent Management Inc.
273 Eglinton Av. East
Toronto, ON , M4P 1L3
tel: 416-362-2007
email: lisa@jamtalent.com
web: http://www.jamtalent.com
JE Talent San Francisco USA JE Talent, LLC
323 Geary Street #302
San Francisco, CA , 94102
tel: 415.395.9475
email: tom@jetalent.com.
web: http://www.jetalent.com/
Johnson McKay Talent Chicago USA Johnson McKay Talent
5406 W Devon Ave., Suite 202
Chicago, Illinois , 60646
tel: 773-417-9226
email: peggy@johnsonmckaytalent.com
web: http://www.johnsonmckaytalent.com
Jordan & Associates Talent Toronto Canada Jordan & Associates Talent Management Limited
675 King Street West #201
Toronto, ON , M5V 1M9
tel: 416-515-2028
email: jordan@jordantalent.ca
web: http://www.jordantalent.ca
244 Madison Avenue, Ste. 314
New York, NY , 10016
tel: NY 212-789-8966, LA 323.936.6040
email: jason@jmtalent.com
web: http://www.jmtalent.com
JVC Talent Agency Los Angeles USA JVC Talent Agency
11030 Ventura Blvd Suite 2
Studio City, CA , 91604
tel: 323.420.3800
email: voiceover.jvc@gmail.com
web: http://www.jvctalent.com
Kim Dawson Agency Dallas USA Kim Dawson Agency
1645 N. Stemmons Suite B
Dallas, TX , 75207-2208
tel: 214.638.2414
email: VOtalent@kimdawsonagency.com
web: http://www.kimdawsonagency.com/
Kirk Talent Agency Vancouver Canada Kirk Talent Agency Inc.
102 – 196 West 3rd Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia , V5Y 1E9
tel: 604-682-5351
email: lylarock@kirktalent.com
web: http://www.kirktalent.com
KMR Talent Agency Los Angeles USA KMR Talent Agency – Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates
11969 Ventura Blvd. 3rd Floor
Los Angeles , CA , 91604
tel: 818-769-9111
email: Voiceover@kmrtalent.com
web: http://www.KMRtalent.com
LeFeaver Talent Mgmt Toronto Canada LeFeaver Talent Mgmt Ltd
18A Busy St.
Toronto, On , M4M 1N8
tel: 416-929-3112
email: karen@lefeavertalent.ca
Linda McAlister Talent Dallas USA Linda McAlister Talent
100 Oak Lane
Waxahachie, TX , 75167
tel: 972.938.2433
email: patrick@lmtalent.com
web: http://www.lmtalent.com/
Lloyd Talent Vancouver Canada Lloyd Talent
14914 104 Avenue
Surrey, BC , V3R 1M7
tel: 604-589-7559
email: voiceover@lloydtalent.com
web: http://www.lloydtalent.com
Lori Lins Milwaukee USA Lori Lins Ltd. (Union and Non-union)
7611 W. Holmes Avenue
Milwaukee, WI , 53220
tel: 312-664-1107
email: Lori@LoriLins.com
web: http://www.lorilins.com
Lucas Talent Vancouver Canada Lucas Talent Inc.
6-1238 Homer St
Vancouver , British Columbia , V6B 2Y5
tel: 604-685-0345
email: shannen.mcgreevy@lucastalent.com
web: http://www.lucastalent.com
Maijah Lewk Talent Vancouver Canada Maijah Lewk Talent
#704 – 1340 Burnaby Street
Vancouver, British Columbia , V6E 1R1
tel: 604.209.4316
email: dean@maijahlewk.com
web: http://www.maijahlewk.com
Mary Collins Agency Dallas USA Mary Collins Agency
2909 Cole Avenue #250
Dallas, TX , 75204
tel: 214-871-8900
email: info@marycollins.com
web: http://www.marycollins.com
MDT Agency San Francisco USA MDT Agency
2124 Union Street
San Francisco, California , 94123
tel: 415-563-9213
email: vo@mdtagencysf.com
web: http://www.mdtagencysf.com
Meredith Model & Talent Minneapolis USA Meredith Model & Talent Agency
380 Jackson Street, Suite 720
Saint Paul, Minnesota , 55101
tel: 651-224-9555
email: kasey@meredithagency.com
web: http://www.meredithagency.com
Moore Creative Talent Minneapolis USA Moore Creative Talent
3130 Excelsior Blvd
Minneapolis, MN , 55416
tel: 612.827.3823
email: voiceover@mooretalent.com
web: http://www.mooretalent.com
My Reel Productions London UK My Reel Productions
tel: 07460430485
email: info@myreelproductions.co.uk
web: http://myreelproductions.co.uk/myvoicereel/
Naked Voices Chicago USA Naked Voices
900 N. Franklin St., Suite 709
Chicago, IL , 60610
tel: (312) 563.0136
email: info@nvtalent.com
web: http://www.nvtalent.com
NAVO Talent Seattle USA NAVO Talent, LLC
10624 39th Ave SW
Seattle, WA , 98146
tel: 206.713.1185
email: steph@navotalent.com
web: http://www.navotalent.com
Next Generation New York USA Next Generation
171 Madison Ave suite 1005
New York, NY , 10016
tel: 212.331.9600 ext 5
email: atnextgen@gmail.com
web: http://www.nextgenvo.com
N2N Entertainment Inc. Los Angeles USA Nina Nisenholtz, N2N Entertainment Inc.
1230 Montana Avenue, Suite 203
Santa Monica, CA , 90403
tel: 310.394.2900
email: n2n@n2nentertainment.com
web: https://n2nentertainment.webs.com/
Noble Caplan Abrams Agency Toronto Canada Noble Caplan Abrams Agency
1260 Yonge Street – 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON , M4T1W6
tel: 416-920-5385 ext.308
email: james.crammond@ncatalent.com
web: https://noblecaplanabrams.ca/
NUTS Minneapolis USA NUTS, Ltd.
1500 Jackson St. NE
Minneapolis, MN , 55413
tel: 763.529.0330
email: mail@nutsltd.com
web: http://www.nutsltd.com/
Osbrink Agency Los Angeles USA Osbrink Agency
4343 Lankershim Blvd. Suite # 100
Universal City, CA , 91602
tel: 818-760-2488
email: maureen@osbrinkagency.com
web: http://www.osbrinkagency.com
Oscars Abrams Zimel Toronto Canada Oscars Abrams Zimel & Associates
438 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario , M5A 1T4
tel: 416-860-1790
email: elaineh@oazinc.com
web: http://www.oazinc.com/
Paonessa Talent Agency Chicago USA Paonessa Talent Agency, LLC
1512 N. Fremont Suite 105
Chicago, IL , 60642
tel: 773-360-8749
email: Marisa@paonessatalent.com
web: http://www.paonessatalent.com
Paradigm New York USA Paradigm – NY
140 Broadway, 26th Floor
New York, NY , 10005
tel: 212-897-6400
email: voiceover@paradigmagency.com
web: http://voiceover.paradigmagency.com/
Paradigm Los Angeles USA Paradigm – LA (Celebrity only)
360 N. Crescent Dr. No. Bldg.
Beverly Hills, CA , 90210
tel: 310-288-8000
email: alenzini@paradigmagency.com
web: http://www.paradigmla.com/
Pastorini-Bosby Talent Houston USA Pastorini-Bosby Talent
6300 West Loop South #350
Houston, TX , 77401
tel: 713-266-4488
email: office@pbtalent.com
web: http://www.pbtalent.com
PB Voice Talent Houston USA Pastorini-Bosby Talent
14825 St. Mary’s Lane Ste.100
Houston, TX 77079
tel: 713-266-4488
fax: 713-266-3314
web: https://www.pbvoices.com/
PHMG Agency Manchester UK PHMG Agency
Oakland House, Talbot Road, ,
Old Trafford, M16 0PQ
tel: +44(0)161 877 2253
email: info@phmg.com
web: https://phmg.com/en-US/
PN Agency Toronto Canada PN Agency
2 Toronto Street
Toronto, ON , M5C 2B5
tel: (416) 515-8918
email: sarah@pnagency.com
web: http://www.pnagency.com
Premiere Talent Management Vancouver Canada Premiere Talent Management
206-1529 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia , V6J 1R1
tel: 604-780-7937
email: Brenda@ptmtalent.com
web: http://www.ptmtalent.com
Presta Voice Paris France Presta Voice
39 rue Dunois
Paris, 75013
tel: (+33)144239377
email: hello@prestavoice.com
web: https://www.prestavoice.com/en/
Radical Artists Agency Denver USA Radical Artists Agency (Union & Non-Union)
One Broadway, Ste 300
Denver, CO , 80203
tel: 303.477.4777
email: kathey@radicaltalent.com
web: http://www.radicalartistsagency.com/
RED Talent Management Vancouver Canada RED Talent Management Inc.
Box 3 – 415 West Esplanade
North Vancouver, British Columbia , V7M 1A6
tel: 604.998.8077
email: Ralph@red-mgmt.com
web: http://www.red-mgmt.com
Rogers Orion Talent Agency Los Angeles USA Rogers Orion Talent Agency
3500 West Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA , 91505
tel: 818-789-7064
email: rogersorion@gmail.com
web: http://www.rogersorionagency.com
RPM Talent Los Angeles USA RPM Talent
2600 West Olive Ave. 5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA , 91505
tel: 818-333-5150
email: record@rpmtalent.com
web: http://www.rpmtalent.com
SBV Talent Los Angeles USA SBV Talent (Sutton, Barth, & Vennari)
5900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA , 90036
tel: (323) 938-6000
email: voiceover@sbvtalent.com
web: http://www.sbvtalent.com
Sheppard Agency Austin USA Sheppard Agency
116 Big Sky Cove
Austin, TX 78737
tel: 631.332.9550
email: agent@sheppard.agency
web: https://www.sheppard.agency/
Shirley Hamilton Chicago USA Shirley Hamilton, Inc.
333 E. Ontario, Suite 302
Chicago, IL , 60611
tel: 312-787-4700
email: lshamilton@worldnet.att.net
web: http://www.shirleyhamiltontalent.com
Shortlist Talent Agency San Francisco USA Shortlist Talent Agency
100 Shoreline Highway
San Francisco, California , 94941
tel: 415-264-7002
email: lana@shortlisttalent.com
web: http://www.shortlisttalent.com
Solid Talent Los Angeles USA Solid Talent
22222 Sherman Way, Suite:102
Los Angeles, CA , 91303
tel: 818-710-9904
email: mikesoliday@solidtalent.com
web: http://www.solidtalent.com
Special Artists Agency Los Angeles USA Special Artists Agency
9200 Sunset Blvd, Suite 410
West Hollywood, CA , 900069
tel: 310-859-9688
email: jkelly@specialartists.com
web: http://www.specialartists.com
Stars, The Agency San Francisco USA Stars, The Agency
23 Grant, 4th Fl.
San Francisco, CA , 94108
tel: 415.421.6272
email: kristinc@starsagency.com
web: http://www.starsagency.com
Stewart Talent Los Angeles USA Stewart Talent – LA (Animation Only)
7250 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA , 90046
tel: 646-329-7951
email: vony@stewarttalent.com
web: http://www.stewarttalent.com
Stewart Talent Agency Chicago USA Stewart Talent Agency – Chicago
58 W. Huron
Chicago, IL , 60654
tel: 312.943.3131
email: vo@stewarttalent.com
web: http://www.stewarttalent.com
Stewart Talent Agency New York USA Stewart Talent Agency – NY
318 West 53rd Street, Suite 201
New York, NY , 10019
tel: 212.315.5505
email: vony@stewarttalent.com
web: http://www.stewarttalent.com
Take 3 Talent Agency New York USA Take 3 Talent Agency, Inc.
1460 Broadway 8th floor
New York, NY , 10036
tel: 646-289-3915
email: natasha@take3talent.com
web: http://www.take3talent.com
Talent Management Group, Inc. Murray USA Talent Management Group, Inc.
480 E. Winchester St., Suite 260
Murray, UT 84107
tel: 801-263-6940
email: johnna@talentmg.com and vickie@talentmg.com
web: http://www.talentmg.com
Talent Poole Talent Agency Minneapolis USA Talent Poole Talent Agency
1595 Selby Avenue, Suite 200
Saint Paul, MN , 55104
tel: 651-645-2516
email: geanette@talentpoole.com
web: http://www.talentpoole.com
TGA Voice Miami USA TGA Voice – The Latin Celebrity Resource
100 Lincoln Road, #928
Miami Beach, FL , 33139
tel: 917-407-4948
email: seth@tga-voice.com
web: http://www.tga-voice.com
TGMD Talent Agency Los Angeles USA TGMD Talent Agency (Tisherman, Gilbert, Motley)
6767 Forest Lawn Drive #206
Los Angeles, CA , 90068
tel: 323-850-6767
email: jazmin@tgmdtalent.com
web: http://www.tgmdtalent.com/
The Campbell Agency Dallas USA The Campbell Agency
3838 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite #900
Dallas, TX , 75219
tel: 214.522.8991
email: Sharon@thecampbellagency.com
web: http://www.thecampbellagency.com
The Horne Agency Dallas USA The Horne Agency
4420 W. Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX , 75209
tel: 214-350-9220
email: thehorneagency@sbcglobal.net
web: http://www.thehorneagency.com
The Library Agency Los Angeles USA The Library Agency
16200 Ventura Blvd. #321
Los Angeles, California , 91436
tel: 818-849-6384
email: julia@thelibraryagency.com
web: http://www.thelibraryagency.com
The Polygon Group Los Angeles USA The Polygon Group
303 N. Glenoaks Blvd Suite 200
Burbank, CA , 91502
tel: (818) 934-1568
email: polygonvoiceovers@gmail.com
web: https://www.thepolygongroup.com/
The Rock Agency Madison USA The Rock Agency
6312 Monona Drive
Madison, WI , 53716
tel: 608-238-6372
email: alfonso@therockagency.com
web: http://www.therockagency.com
Tiffany Talent Agency Seattle USA Tiffany Talent Agency
6212 Banner Ave
Seattle, WA 98108
tel: 1 253-470-8433
email: seattlebooking@tiffanytalent.com
web: http://tiffanytalent.com/
The Savage Agency Los Angeles USA The Savage Agency
300 S Bennett St #200
Los Angeles, CA , 90038
tel: 323 461 8316
email: info@thesavageagency.net
web: http://savageagency.net
Topo Swope Talent Seattle USA Topo Swope Talent, LLC
2540 1st Ave West
Seattle, WA , 98119
tel: 206 443-2021
email: tim@toposwopetalent.com
web: http://www.toposwopetalent.com
Tory Christopher Group Austin USA Tory Christopher Group
208 Apache Pass
Austin, TEXAS , 78634
tel: 512-698-2709
email: chelleorama@gmail.com
web: http://www.http://tcitalent.com/
Turner Film Group Vancouver Canada Turner Film Group
1104 207 West Hastings St
Vancouver, British Columbia , V6B 1H7
tel: 778-838-9559
email: gemma@turnerfilmgroup.com
web: http://turnerfilmgroup.com
United Talent Agency Los Angeles USA United Talent Agency
9560 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 500
Beverly Hills, CA , 90212
tel: 310-273-6700
email: VOBooth@unitedtalent.com
web: http://www.unitedtalent.com/
Unlimited Talent Winnipeg Canada Unlimited Talent
309-30 Donwood Drive
Winnipeg , Manitoba , R2G 0J9
tel: 204-997-4920
email: Unlimitedtalent3@gmail.com
web: http://www.unlimitedtalent.ca
VoiceOver LA Los Angeles USA VoiceOver LA
14144 Ventura Blvd Suite # 303
Sherman Oaks, CA , 91423
tel: 818.905.8015
email: martha@voiceoverla.com
web: http://www.voiceoverla.com
Voices Talent Group Los Angeles USA Voices Talent Group (Union & Non-Union)
21031 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1000
Woodland Hills, CA , 91364-2227
tel: 310-962-4900
email: voicestalent@yahoo.com
web: http://www.voicestalentgroup.com
VOX, Inc. Los Angeles USA VOX, Inc.
6420 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #1080
Los Angeles, CA , 90048
tel: 323-655-8699
email: assistant@voxusa.net
web: http://www.voxusa.net
Wehmann Models/Talent, Inc. Minneapolis USA Wehmann Models/Talent, Inc.
1128 Harmon Place #205
Minneapolis, MN , 55403
tel: 612 333 6393
email: voiceover@wehmann.com
web: http://www.wehmann.com
William Morris Endeavor Entert Los Angeles USA William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME)
9560 Wilshire Blvd., 4th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA , 90212
tel: 310-859-4085
email: bhvo@wmeentertainment.com
web: http://www.wmeentertainment.com