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Home Voice Over Studio Consulting

Free Yourself From Overthinking Your Home VO Recording Studio.

Recording voice over tracks at home has changed radically in just the last 4 or 5 years. Even experienced voice talent may be way behind the times when it comes to proper VO recording. The changes are driven by amazing new software and hardware technology. Software now gives us the ability to do ANYTHING that required sophisticated and expensive audio recording equipment just a few short years ago.

What this means is that voice actors recording at home, or planning on it, maybe over-thinking their recording process despite these advances that make recording properly, much easier.

Dan Lenard, the Home Studio Master, now based in LA, is available for consultation, either in your home or by video call to help you get set up to record voice over in your home, painlessly. He’ll show you how, and help you create the right space, with the proper acoustical environment to record in. He’ll bust through the cacophony of suggestions of what works best in an audio chain and focus on what Producers really want from you. He’s also the best recording software instructor in the world, making the complex, simple.

Dan has been consulting on home voiceover studios for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of voice talent, both new to the industry and experienced, get it right so they can set-it-and-forget-it and concentrate on what really matters in voice over; being a voice actor, not a recording engineer.

Pricing for Voice Over Home Studio Consultations and Troubleshooting

$250 for a full consultation (setup, software, q&a. follow-up fine tuning)
$75 for a 15 minute troubleshoot

Voice Over Body Shop (VOBS)

Dan is also the co-host of the popular live Monday night webcast; Voice Over Body Shop (VOBS) http://vobs.tv with George Whittam, The Home Studio Engineer To the Stars. Each week they discuss VO recording technology and interview the top people in the business on how to make the most of your voiceover business.

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Dan Lenard - The Home Voice Over Studio Master
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