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Audio Services for Voice Over

Audio editing and Post correction

Our engineers will edit your audio to include the best takes, combine takes or part thereof, correct any errors that may have occurred during the recording process, split audio files, and create fades that make the audio more pleasing to the ear.

Audio editing is the process of cleaning, splicing, adding, consolidating and deleting parts of a recorded sound file. Audio may need to be edited to ensure the recording fits into a specific time frame. This can include trimming, extending, rearranging , cleaning and splicing audio so that the final product is without error and flows within a project. When an audio file is recorded, sometimes unwanted errors like noises, background noise, hiss, hum, rumble may become a part of it and need to be altered, reduced, and/or removed.

Sound Design

Our award-winning sound designers will help you create a complete project of voice over, sound effects, and licensed music; mixing and synchronising all the audio elements of a video, film, animation or audio file. To create scenes, we mix all the sound elements including music, sound effects, location sound, ambient sounds and voice overs.

We can also help with sourcing licensed music and/or create original music and soundscapes for your project.

Mixing, Remixing and Remixes

When you have music and sound effects that you want added to your project and need it all balanced to sound pleasing to the ear, mixing comes in to play. If you are not happy with a mix that has been completed by yourself or another person, then we can re-mix the project for you.

Another element of Sound Design, mixing is the mixing of individual musical stems, music, dialogue, sound effects or any combo thereof.

Remixing is fixing a mix that does not meet your expectations. You want the recording to sound like the original mix, but with better results.

When you want a unique new sound, a remix can often be the answer. Turn and genre of music from Rock to Hip Hop, Dance to Country into something completely different and open the doors to an entirely new audience with a creative, imaginative approach that results in a brand new sound identity.


We will master your project to give it the broadcast ready sound. Mastering is the final stage of audio production. The final polish ensuring the enhancement of the overall sound and your mix translates well (sounds good) over various systems.

Logo Splashes

We will turn your logo into a short animation for social media and websites. Titling to include contact information can be included.

Audio Place Holder Videos

We will create a video background (Can use images provided), still images, or animated backgrounds with your logo and contact information to use for voiceover demos or any other audio that you want to add to a video-based platform. We will also add the desired audio to the background, provide individual clips of a voice over demo, or a single compilation.