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Content Writing for Voice Over

Why SEO Content Creation is Important for Your Voice Actor Website

Voice over is a highly specialized profession, and the number of actors with websites is growing exponentially. Like any other online business, you need to be found. The most successful voice actors hone their craft over time, and building an online presence requires the same dedication. Content is a substantial part of successful SEO, and enhancing it can transform your website from a digital business card into a highly effective marketing tool. The synergistic effect of SEO and content can boost your organic traffic and increase your rankings.

If you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to writing effective SEO content, we can help. We can develop content for you or guide you through writing your own. Would you like to learn more? Schedule an SEO Content consultation now.

What Can Good Custom Content Do?

Quality content that is written for your audience is irresistible to them. It is genuine, in-depth, and authentically helpful. It creates emotional engagement and has the potential to reach across the globe. SEO content is created with both search engines and readers in mind so that Google will consider it valuable enough to place on the first page of search results.

  •       Connect and engage with potential clients
  •       Network with your industry peers
  •       Stand out from the competition
  •       Expand your reach across the continent and beyond
  •       Significantly impact your target audience
  •       Increase your “EAT” expertise, authority, and trustworthiness
  •       Earns backlinks from other reputable sources

Develop a Narrative – Tell Your Story

You are building a brand, and like you, it will grow and evolve over time. The goal is to leverage what is unique about you to inspire others to connect, communicate, and respond. Most voice over actors come from related fields like radio or acting. Your story can inform and entertain your audience and explain how your present fits into your past. Custom content can build memorable experiences that create relationships and clients.  

Plan and Publish Relatable Content Consistently

The type of content you post on your website is crucial to connecting to clients and other influencers in your industry. Your posts need to align with current trends, demonstrating that you are aware and engaged. Search engines look at how often you publish new content and how often your readers engage with that content, such as leaving a comment or sharing. Some examples of content for voice over actors include:

Blogs or Articles: In addition to telling your story, you can also post important news and events in the voice over genres that you work in or the voice over industry overall.

Voice Over Genre, Service, or Product Pages: This content can cover all the specialties you offer and highlight niche services such as accents or other unique talents.

Meet the Needs of Search Engines and Humans

Creating content gives you an opportunity to use the essential keywords of your industry in a variety of creative ways. However, stuffing a bunch of keywords on a page that is poorly written and full of errors will do more harm than good. Quality and quantity are factors that both search engines and people appreciate, and excellent content becomes more effective over time.