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You’ve worked hard to make your personal voice over studio comfortable. It’s you’re place. You’re sanctuary. Or, its a hole in the wall, the corner of your basement, or the closet in you’re kids room.

So you need to pick up stakes and move on for some reason. Better location, new relationship, or you got kicked out of your apartment when the landlord sold the place. Its happened to me.

So now you gotta find a new place, a place for a voice actor to live. Not so simple. But its an opportunity to find a better place to live and a better place to record.

Chances are, you lived where you are before you became a voice actor, and your challenge was to make the place you have, a proper place to record. Unless you’ve got a booth (And are strong enough to take it apart and move it) you need a place that has something specific. A place with a closet big enough to work in. Something at least 4 X 4. Whatever you do, avoid places with sliding door closets that are only 18” deep. You gotta have some room to work and to isolate yourself. Trying to finagle a room that is not ideal, is a big pain in the butt.

If places with closets that size are in short supply, try one with a real small extra bedroom. If you’re looking for a house, make it clear to your realtor that’s exactly what you need. And with modern technology giving you access to everything on the market, use those parameters to search.

Sometimes you get lucky. Like I did. I used one of those apps and typed in things like “Recording studio” or “music studio” “Large walk-in closets” “Small extra bedroom or “sewing room.” That will give you at least a better chance of finding what you need. If you’re looking at an apartment or a house, try to find one with an interior closet that isolates as much as possible from exterior noise. Don’t leave it to chance. Consider these things when you re-locate.

Your personal studio is an intricate part of your voice over business. As much as the comfort and convenience of the place you find is crucial, so finding that perfect “extra special” spot to put that recording space.

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