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Commercial Financial Industry Free Voice Over Scripts

Credit Repair Financial Industry Commercial

Alert! Alert! Be gone maxed out credit cards, over due loans, suffocating interest rates, and relentless collections agencies! If your credit rating is making you and others around you cringe, there’s only one thing to do, and that’s to turn to the professionals at Creative Credit Solutions. Even if your credit is less than perfect, […] Read more

Investment Services Financial Industry Commercial

Still hiding money under your mattress? Contrary to popular belief, investing your fi- nancial assets in a government savings bond can help your money grow! Our team of professionals at Global Transact House and Home will raise and nurture your investments as if they were their very own. We’re very protective of our young! Trust […] Read more

Mortgages Financial Industry Commercial

Picture your dream house. A sprawling lakefront property with mature trees and a winding driveway through a wrought-iron gate… we’re not just talking about white picket fences! Come in and talk to one of our mortgage specialists. Tell us about your dreams. We’ll make them a reality […] Read more

Tax Planning Financial Industry Commercial

It’s that time of year again (yikes! Nail-biting). Tax Time (booming voice – over the top women’s scream or Homer Simpson scream)!!!! Are your statements in order? Even if you are miles behind, our certified general accounts will get you and your tax forms up to speed, increasing your tax return and giving you peace […] Read more