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Commercial Infomercial Free Voice Over Scripts

Apple iPod

Presenting iPod. The first MP3 player to pack a mind-blowing 1,000 songs and a 10-hour battery into a stunning 6.5-ounce package you can literally take everywhere. But iPod isn’t just a revolution in portability, it’s also a revolution in simplicity. Just plug into your Mac and all of your iTunes songs and playlists are automatically […] Read more

Beta Prostate

Stay tuned for a nationwide giveaway announcement. Are you a man who’s waking up at night again and again to use the bathroom? If you’ve got this problem, we’ve got your solution: doctor-recommended Beta Prostate. Beta Prostate is made with 13 natural ingredients that target your prostate. Imagine: quicker bathroom trips, better relief, and a […] Read more

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

One of my favorite posters says, “Life is a test. It is only a test. Had this been a real life, you would have been instructed where to go and what to do.” Whenever I think of this humorous bit of wisdom, it reminds me to not take my life so seriously. And in the […] Read more

Flipgive.com web video

Meet Karen a full time chartered accountant by day, full time home traffic controller by night aaand a part time fund-raiser. Chocolates and paper forms? There’s got to be a better way. Introducing FlipGive, the best way to fundraise online. Earn up to 50% when your friends and family shop with great retailers and restaurants. […] Read more

Global Golf Adventures: Infomercial

Like Tante Verde, Sun Ridge Canyon is surrounded by mountainous desert terrain. But here the lush, green fairways sit upon the floor of the mountain canyons themselves. Wicked indeed, and wickedly fun for those who love a challenge. Once again, multiple sets of tees are in play. So don’t give old many par an unfair […] Read more

Go Daddy

This report is brought to you by Go Daddy! Running your own business running you ragged? Go Daddy can help. With memorable domains, website design, online marketing and 24-7 expert advice. You can do it…correction…you can kill it. Go you. Go Daddy […] Read more

HD Aviator Sunglasses

OTHER Sunglasses sell for one hundred, two hundred, even three hundred dollars and they don’t have HD Vision lenses, that cut through glare and give you high definition color and clarity. Call and you can get our brand new HD Aviators for just ten dollars! …But Wait…Call right now and you’ll get a second pair […] Read more

Late night infomercial

If you would like to know how someone can start with a simple idea and a small, limited trading account… and then… explode it MULTIPLE times over… this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever hear […] Read more

Lifecourse – Mymoriam

Do you want to see more of the world? Try out something new for a change? Go bungeejumping? Scuba diving? Or even just get your driver’s license? Set goals and realize your dreams! (faster pace)Cross them off your bucket list. Which experiences will you never want to forget? Use the app to add and alter […] Read more


CAN you change your life in 27 seconds? Yes… ((music stops abruptly)) IF you are open. Because what we have, is something BRAND NEW…yet with HUNDREDS of years of experience…. GROUND FLOOR, but with MILLIONS behind it…. An opportunity to capitalize on THREE giant industries…at once. It’s NEVER been done before… CANNOT be copied… And […] Read more