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Girl With A Pearl Earring

He had a vision. No one saw, as clearly as she. In a house, where everyone, had their place. Where every image, had meaning. He gave her the power, to see the light. She gave him a look, that would last forever. Lionsgate Films present Colin Firth Scarlett Johannson Tom Wilkinson In the mystery, behind […] Read more

Good Morning America

Tomorrow on Good Morning America, Charlie Gibson talks with Keanu Reeves about The Matrix II: Reloaded, and Diane Sawyer introduces you to a Wisconsin mom who has launched an eight city cross-country bus tour to find her three year old son […] Read more


“Gothika”. Buy it Tuesday on DVD and blu-ray. Critics are calling Gothika a sleek, fast, nightmare thriller… “It’s a total scream”. “Gothika”. Buy it Tuesday on DVD and blu-ray […] Read more

Grande Marathon L.A.

THIS…is a marathon runner’s dream. THE GRANDE MARATHON L.A. … beginning what will become a tradition of excellence and perseverance … a race that will test the limits of human strength and endurance … THE GRANDE MARATHON L.A. starts at the L.A. COLISEUM and ends at the ocean’s edge, the pier at Santa Monica. THE […] Read more

Great Design

There is no graveyard that can hold great design. Great design does not rust or decay. Great design cannot be locked behind walls or hidden in the dark. No force in the world can crush it out of existence. But creating great design is no easy task. We sketch, erase, sketch until every line conveys […] Read more

Grumpier Old Men

Grumpier Old Men is the funniest movie of the year. Better, funnier, even grumpier than the original. Delirious, fun, and even screwball zany. Grumpier Old Men. Rated PG-13. Now playing at a theater near you […] Read more

Guilty By Association

Guilty By Association. Academy Award Nominee Morgan Freeman sizzles in this summer’s hottest crime-thriller. On DVD and blu-ray July 22nd. (Rated R.) […] Read more

Hampton Minithon

New York Magazine presents Dan’s Papers 24th Annual Potato Hampton Minithon – a 10K to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Join us as we get Memorial Day weekend off to a running start with a race through the potato fields of Bridgehampton. It begins at 9:30 am from the Presbyterian Church of Bridgehampton on […] Read more

Hardloverz Dance Festival – DJ Intro

On this assembly line, are the building blocks of an epic anthems and furious bass, raging with fire! Hardloverz, we’re just getting started. This guy behind the decks is packin’ so much heat that he, simply put, make you will sweat. He is an unstoppable force. One to be reckoned with… Prepare yourselves to be […] Read more


Harlequin Books turns up the heat with Blaze…a scorching new series available at your favorite store. Get your hands all over one soon. Can’t wait? Get a sneak preview right now at www.TryBlaze.com […] Read more