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Driving to Echo Lake

Welcome to Arapaho National Forest. I’m Jim March, and I’ll be your guide as you drive the Mount Evans Scenic Byway – the highest paved road in North America. You should be driving toward Mount Evans on Colorado State Highway 103. Most visitors drive up from the Forest Service visitor center in Idaho Springs. Others […] Read more

East Africa

Roaming wild in this vastly beautiful landscape is the worlds’ greatest concentration of mammals … lion, cheetah, wildebeest, elephant, giraffe, zebra, and endless birdlife. Tanzania offers the most superb wildlife viewing in East Africa in its premiere game parks on the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire! Travel far beyond the beaten path to enjoy rich encounters […] Read more

Embassy Suites

The next time you travel on business, trade your old hotel room for a beautiful suite at Embassy Suites Hotel. For the price of a single room, you get a suite. So when business takes you away, don’t stay in the same old hotel room. Stay in a suite at the Embassy Suites Hotel. It […] Read more

Embassy Suites 2

For about what you pay at Marriott and Hilton, you could be staying in a hotel that was made for you. Embassy Suites Hotel. Each of our rooms is a two-room suite, so you can spread out and work, or stretch out and relax. So if you’re looking for more from your hotel, call us. […] Read more


Hmmm. Search for —— Yeah. Find it. Book it. Easy. Expedia.com. Don’t just travel —Travel right […] Read more

Festive Travel Travel Industry Commercial

Looking for a reason to go to Holland in 2006? What better reason to go than to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt’s birth? As Holland’s greatest 17th-century painter, it is only fitting to dedicate the entire year to the Dutch Master of shadows and light. Throughout 2006, spectacular exhibitions and events will be staged […] Read more

Fiji Islands

Fancy lying in a deck chair at an exotic Fijian beach. Well, with 4 people flying and staying for the price of 3, now is the time to do it. Air Pacific and Quantas Holidays have put together an unbeatable package. When you fly to Fiji with three friends the fourth flies free. Conditions apply. […] Read more

Fiji Travelogue

Travelers are again coming to Fiji after the variability of the late 1980’s, and for good reason. Fiji is beautiful, it has a pleasant tropical climate, the diving and snorkeling are awesome and it has excellent facilities for tourists, whether they are on a tight budget or enjoying the luxuries of a plush resort […] Read more

Four Seasons

Soak away your cares in turquoise waters. Claim a private spot on golden sand. Serenade the sunset from your balcony. And discover rejuvenation at Fours Seasons Resort Nevis – a tropical paradise blending flawless service with the warmth and hospitality of Nevisian culture. And with our exceptional summer value, now is the ideal time to […] Read more

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Easy to reach. Impossible to match. Of all the beautiful, breathtaking wonders in the world, only one comes with five spectacular casinos. Foxwood Resort Casino. It’s your kind of play featuring over 5,800 of the loosest slots and 350 of the hottest tables. Relax in the comfort of our magnificent hotel with over 1,400 luxurious […] Read more