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AEC Foundation

Every child deserves to grow up with opportunities to learn and thrive. With his skills, her talents, each is a potential leader, a contributor, a productive citizen. How kids grow up will determine their success as adults. But sadly, more than one in five children in America are growing up in poor families and poor […] Read more


Berea Animal Rescue Friends (or ARF as we’re known) finds adoptive homes for almost a thousand stray or unwanted dogs and cats each year. We’re a no-time-limit facility, which means that our small staff and 300-plus volunteers care for animals for as long as it takes to find them a loving home. We provide shelter, […] Read more

Autism Awareness

As a parent, you can’t help but look at your child and dream about what the future holds. But while you’re dreaming, consider this – the odds that your child will be diagnosed with autism are 1 in 88. Knowing the signs of autism and catching it early can make a world of difference. To […] Read more

Brevard College Admissions Video

Welcome to the Admissions Video for Brevard College. Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Brevard College is a four-year comprehensive liberal arts college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Caring faculty and staff and small class size allow students to be known, their interests and activities to be supported and their […] Read more

Chapbooks and Broadsides

Because Chapbooks and Broadsides are quick and inexpensive to produce, they are a great medium for experimentation & personal expression. And unlike blogs (which are also quick and inexpensive to produce), you can hold them in your hand, caress them, read them on an airplane, hand them out to random strangers on street corners, take […] Read more

College Park Scholars International Studies Program

Welcome to College Park Scholars International Studies program at the University of Maryland! This spring, International Studies Scholars are exploring one of our nation’s richest resources as they take part in College Park Scholars’ Library of Congress Discovery research course […] Read more


He was born of humble beginnings in Louisville, Kentucky… and emerged to become perhaps the most recognizable person on earth: Muhammad Ali, “the greatest of all time.” While his athletic accomplishments were the stuff of legend, there was always far more to Muhammad Ali than what took place in the boxing ring. Ali’s self-confidence, unwavering […] Read more

Fairfax Public Access

Fairfax Public Access is an independent non-profit organization that provides to members the training and tools to create non-commercial television and radio programming. FPA members work collaboratively to create programs which are then aired on FPA channels through cable providers Cox Communications of Northern Virginia, Verizon Virginia, Inc., and in Reston only, Comcast. FPA currently […] Read more

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Here we have, a ceiling fan. If you asked this fan an accusing question like; “What have you done with your life?”    Its response would sound like this……cause its an object…..not a person. But that’s why I’m here. You see, this ceiling fan’s done quite a bit to save people money, help the planet […] Read more

Homeless Experience

Bill French spends a few days living on the streets, homeless, every year. He says it informs his understanding and outlook about the people he serves / at the Good Shepherd Refuge. Is becoming one with those Bill serves a small picture of what Jesus did for us […] Read more