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Narration Travelogue Free Voice Over Scripts

A Walking Tour of Munich – Introduction

With a history spanning centuries of building and rebuilding, Munich is one of Europe’s most architecturally interesting cities. Postwar developments have marred Munich’s once-homogeneous look, but in rebuilding their city after the war, Münchners tried to respect tradition as much as possible. If you, like the ordinary visitor, have time for only one walking tour, […] Read more


This Official Alaska Vacation Planning Video is filled with plenty of breathtaking scenes. But more important, it’s loaded with all the information you need for planning a trip to Alaska. Like when to go, what to wear, and what to see. So if you’ve got Alaska on your mind, you’re going to love this video. […] Read more


Mention Argentina and images of gauchos and the tango come to mind. But for many who visit it’s also a country full of natural treasures. These range from its barren northern landscapes to the sheer beauty of the soaring Andes. From spectacular thousand-foot high waterfalls – to its extensive wine region. At the center of […] Read more

Australia – Kid’s Travelogue

Sydney, the vibrant, cosmopolitan gateway to Australia, covers the waterfront with audacious Aussie attitude, sprawl, and pop culture. It’s a city surrounded by beaches. And it’s a city that offers some of the most astonishing food on the current world scene, a Eurasian cornucopia overflowing with seafood and exotic flavor. You’re bound to spend at […] Read more

Boston, MA

Boston is the cradle of American liberty. From its historic Common to the Old North Church, which signaled the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Boston reflects a heritage that is part of every American. Tour Boston to see Faneuil Hall, the Old State House, the South Meeting House, and the Old North Church. Then cross […] Read more


Rulers of the ancient Mayan civilizations came here to see the beauty of this land … a place where the turquoise Caribbean Sea caresses the beautiful sandy beaches. They came to partake a view reserved then only for royalty. Today, more than 1,500 years later, this same spot is one of the most popular vacation […] Read more

County Center Homes

Welcome to a Classic Home Town located in the Center of Prince William County. Come see how classic hometown living can be part of your modern lifestyle. County Center combines superb amenities with a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, creating a warm and inviting community designed to bring people together. Relax with friends around the swimming pool, […] Read more

Discover Venice

In the Veneto Region, in the waters of the Adriatic, is one of the most romantic and evocative places in the world, a priceless treasure: the Venetian Lagoon. At the heart of this legendary Province is the Serenissima or Most Serene Republic, with its characteristic bridges spanning the canals navigated by gondolas, its monuments, piazzas, narrow lanes and silent waters. Venice is actually a group of fascinating small […] Read more