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Music Composition and Audio Production

Professionally Composed Music with Top-Notch Audio Production You can feel! By Luke Truan.

Music composition and audio production has changed dramatically in the last 20 years and a lot in the last 5 years. Technology has advanced to the point where everyone now has access to computer hardware and software that puts the full orchestra into the palm of your hand. It also makes it sound pretty good with ease. You can do nearly any thing you can imagine with music today!

Technology makes “getting start” a whole lot easier, but does the composer know how to really use the technology to create cinematic quality sounding music?! Does the composer understand the intricacies of composing original music for the orchestra while mastering the technology to keep the sound and feel real? Close your eyes when you listen to a movie and you are transported to the concert hall or studio where the music was recorded.

Music is powerful and can draw in your audience even more, but not if they heard the same music in another production! Luke creates custom music for each project specifically to fit the action, dialogue, mood and feel of each scene. No sound libraries are “dropped” in on any project. Each instrument melody is crafted specifically for your project. Each note is played and performed adding to the realistic quality of an orchestra. Of course, we all want a live orchestra for our project, but the budget does not always allow for that.

Luke has been composing music for 20+ years and working with studio technology to create cinematic quality music with top-notch audio production qualities. Your project is unique and the music should be too!

In addition to composing and producing orchestral based music for film, TV games and media, Luke has been a voice over talent and technical liaison since 2008. Working with local VO talent in the Atlanta area, Luke has help others learn about technology, teaches audio editing and improve the sound quality of their home studio recording environment.