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It began with the seed of an idea.
In 1902, the heartland needed folks to embrace new advances in agriculture.
But leaders with open minds, strong hearts and willing hands weren’t in abundance.
Luckily, kids were.
By empowering the next generation to lead, 4/H took root.
And grew.
Grew kids who are confident and strong.
Who are curious enough to question
And capable enough to find the answer.
Who stick to a job until the job gets done.
Who know how to work with others
And how to lead.
4/H has kept right on growing.
Out of the farms and into the towns
From the suburbs to the cities
Anywhere curiosity roams
And confidence thrives.
Anywhere technology can be advanced
And achievement is valued.
Anywhere positive change is possible
And giving back moves entire communities forward.
When you think about it, it makes sense that we began with farming.
After all,
True leaders aren’t born.
They’re grown.