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I’ve been chewing a lot of gum, and so far there is only one I found to have long-lasting flavor, that lasts all day or all night. To prove how long the flavor lasts, I’m standing in traffic risking it all, and I won’t leave until the flavor ends or I can’t chew anymore.

The name of the gum is called 5, it comes in a black package. And you can get it in different flavors like spearmint, cooling peppermint, and Cinnamon. Spearmint is called rain ,and it’s in a green package, peppermint is called cobalt in the blue package, and cinnamon is called flare in the orange package. Actually, the package is black but the number 5’s are in the different colors. The statement they make about it is that it will “stimulate
your senses” that is true because the flavor is non stop.

Woman bystander: Oh my goodness! He let himself get hit by that car!

Man bystander: Yep, but his gum still sure is looooong lasting!

Woman bystander: eeewww!