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These public domain voice over scripts are available as a resource for voice actors to practice. They have been compiled by talent just like you who are working together to make the voice over industry better for everyone. Since these scripts are widely available, we suggest not using them for a demo but they are great for practice! View all voice over script categories

[Additional Prompts]

Please hang up and try your call again. This is a recording. Please hang up and try your call again… ( looping )

The number you are trying to reach is no longer in service. Please hang up and try your call again.

I’m sorry. The extension you have dialed is unavailable. Press 5 to leave a message now.

I’m sorry, you have pressed an incorrect key. Please try again, or press 3 to return to the main menu.

The number you have dialed is currently busy. If you would like us to notify you when the line is free, press 4 now.

Please enter your password.

You have 3 new messages. To listen to your messages, press one.

The following message will be deleted from your voice mail box. Press 6 to re-save this message.