How to properly apply AndroGel 1.62%.   AndroGel can transfer from your body to others, so it’s important to follow these instructions and apply exactly as your doctor tells you to.  And by doing so, you’ll be applying the right dose and you can help reduce the chance of transferring AndroGel to others.  Before using a new bottle of AndroGel 1.62% for the first time, you will need to prime the pump. Prime your bottle by holding it over a sink and pushing the top down fully three times.  Any gel that comes out during priming should be washed down the sink to avoid accidental exposure to others.


If your bottle is already primed, the first thing you want to do is make sure your shoulders and upper arms are clean and dry, and that there is no broken skin.  Apply AndroGel 1.62% at the same time, each and every morning.  Push down firmly to dispense gel, either into the palm of your hand or directly onto the application site.  Rub onto your upper arms and shoulders — areas that are normally covered by a short sleeve t-shirt.  You should never apply AndroGel 1.62% to your stomach area, penis, or scrotum.


He’s been prescribed a 40.5 mg dose. So his first pump gets rubbed onto one upper arm and shoulder. The second pump gets rubbed onto the other upper arm and shoulder. But remember, your dose may be different, so check with your doctor for personal application instructions.  Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after the application process to remove any excess gel.  Then, wait a few minutes until the gel has completely dried on your skin before dressing.  Now, cover up the application site with a t-shirt.

And that’s how you apply AndroGel 1.62% properly.