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Walk Away The Pounds

Welcome to Walk Away the Pounds. I’m Alison and I’ll be your audio guide. I’m so glad you’re walking with me today. You know, this one mile walk is the perfect way to get started and be introduced to what this walking system is all about. It’s also a nice short workout for you. Now, […] Read more

Volvo Audio Manual

Congratulations … you have made one of the wisest choices you’ll ever be called to make. You have purchased a Volvo … the safest automobile in the world. Now, while you drive away in your new automobile, we invite you to come with us on an audio tour of your vehicle … we’ll explore the […] Read more


Non-virtualized computers have one set of hardware and one set of software. Virtualization is a set of techniques for hiding hardware resources behind software abstractions to simplify the way other software or end users interact with those resources. In consequence, a single server computer, once virtualized, can run multiple operating systems […] Read more

Verizon Welcome CD

You are now connected with the nation’s largest, most advanced wireless network with over 33 ½ million customers in more cities, towns and places than anyone else. We invite you to explore Verizon Wireless and your new device by choosing from the following menu options. Learn about: Your Device, Your Voicemail Service, Your Billing Statement, […] Read more

Vellum Installation

The first step in installation of stretch ceiling is to measure the ceiling. Draw the outline of the ceiling in the room. Mark each corner with Latin letters going clockwise. Measure the length of all walls with a measuring tape or a laser level. To maximise the precision of the drawing divide it into triangles […] Read more

USB Management

Nearly four decades ago, two titans of the hospitality industry came together to create a unique and powerful venue management solution. Thirty-fve years later, with a renewal rate of ninety-four percent, USB remains the gold standard in venue management. Each year, fifty million guests will experience the latest hit musical, the conference highlight of their […] Read more

University Campaign #4

ORIGINAL– Villanova College of Professional Studies believes you are who you’ve been. In fact, we’re counting on it. Which is why we offer rigorous programs for learners of all ages to balance life commitments with life ambitions. Maybe you’re a working professional with bigger plans. Or a bucket-lister with unfinished business. Maybe you’re ready to […] Read more


Mysteries from beyond earth. The startling and frequently bizarre world of psychic phenomena and the paranormal is explored in this compelling film. Among the many areas of investigation are UFOs, psychic healing, witchcraft, the Bermuda Triangle, cloning, and extrasensory perception. Scientists and laymen alike struggle to find the answers to phenomena which has baffled the […] Read more

Type to Learn Jr

Welcome to Type to Learn Jr! Click on Shelby and me to go to the Learning Center. To practice your keyboarding skills, click on Cassie, Hopkins, or Tiny. To return to the Login Screen, click Login. When you are ready to leave the program, click Quit. You can return to this screen at any time […] Read more

Turbo Encabulator

Work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a machine that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such a machine is the Turbo-Encabulator. The original machine had a base-plate of prefabulated […] Read more