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Voice Over Business

Do I Need to Form an LLC for a Voiceover Business?

Anyone who has operated a small business knows how challenging it can be to get everything organized and running smoothly. First, you’ll need to choose between doing voiceover as a hobby or committing to running a business. If you are ready to own and operate your own show, it makes sense to form an entity […] Read more

How Much Do Voice Actors Make?

A voice talent’s annual income can vary greatly, and when just starting out, most of what is earned should be reinvested into your studio, demos, and marketing. This means that a second job is sometimes necessary at this stage to support daily living expenses. However, as you build a portfolio of clients, you will begin […] Read more

Skills to Master for a Successful Voice Over Business

Over the years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of voice over artists achieving fantastic success. As more talent joins the industry, it becomes vastly more competitive, so it’s essential to understand the voice over business skills necessary to succeed. Sometimes you may feel like you’re wearing too many hats, so let’s narrow […] Read more