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Voice Over Business

Voiceover Overview Note Pad

A Full Voiceover Overview Part 1

The voiceover industry is an amazing industry but it certainly has its challenges. One of the biggest challenges is where to find work right? Let’s strip it down to its bare minimum, we live in a world where working is a requirement and thus we have to pick a job. So why did we pick […] Read more

Encouraging Message for Voiceover Training

A Full Voiceover Overview Part 3 – Where to Find Voiceover Training

Now we enter part three of this five-piece article addressing obtaining voiceover work, voiceover training, and fame in the industry. Part one and two addresses the work element of this series so make sure you check them out. In this next section, we will continue on our journey and will move on to where and […] Read more

Gym Equipment Representing Training in Voiceover

A Full Voiceover Overview Part 4 – Training in Voiceover

Training in voiceover is a delicate balance between how much time you have to invest into your career and how much money you have and are willing to spend on your personal growth. In part three of this five-piece article collection we discussed where to train as a voice actor. In this section, we will […] Read more


Adapting Within Voiceover

One of the most terrifying words in the English language finds itself immersed in six letters… ‘Change.’ There is that phrase, ‘No one likes change’; it can manifest itself in many ways. A recent study shows that unless the pain of the environment served exceeds the fear presented by change, the majority of people will […] Read more

Butterfly Anime voice acting screenshot

Anime Voice Acting

Welcome to part two of our anime exploration. Please make sure you have checked out part one before reading any further. In this sequel, we will examine the remaining elements of Anime voice acting. In voiceover, we can find many comparisons from genre to genre. For example, the authentic or conversational read finds itself in […] Read more

Basic Editing DAW Screen

Basic Editing

Editing is one part of our jobs that most voiceover artists hate. Ok, hate is a strong word, but it certainly is not the most attractive bit. That said some voice actors do enjoy it, I am merely making a generalization to set the foundations for getting our heads around the basics. So what are […] Read more

Researching and Creatively Finding Voiceover Work

Being Creative With Finding Voiceover Work

Finding voiceover work in a jam can be tricky! You can check out our previous article on the best ways to do this. But there is something else we so desperately need to consider and we will cover that in this article. What am I talking about? Well, there is this deep pot of potential […] Read more

Directors Chair Representing Casting Voiceover

Casting Voiceover

Casting voiceover is a very difficult job. You can learn about some of the relationships and a day in the life of a voiceover casting director here. In this article, we will look at the audition process and the relationship between the performer and the casting director. Before I begin, it is important to recognize […] Read more


Change in Voiceover

Change is something I have referenced in other blogs, and it carries such a powerful presence that it requires its own article. It is one of the most exceptional parts of life. Change sadly does have the power to provoke fear too. In this article, we will look at how change affects voiceover artists. We […] Read more

Signing Contracts for Conflict of Interest in Voiceover

Conflict of Interest in Voiceover

We all want to work, right? Big, healthy, frequent, and well-paid jobs are the dream! Oh, and if they just so happen to be an amazing role too, that’s even better! Sure, we can get paid a few grand for a long narration piece, but how much more attractive would it be to be the […] Read more