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100 Years of Solitude

Colonel Aureliano Buendia remembered a distant afternoon discovering ice with his father. As he faced the firing squad, he envisioned Macondo. Built along a clear water river with a bed of enormous, white polished stones, the village of twenty adobe houses stood against the red horizon. It was necessary to point to things since the […] Read more

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

The Nautilus was floating in the midst of a phosphorescent layer which, in the semidarkness, seemed extraordinarily bright. This effect was produced by myriads of tiny, luminous animals, whose glitter increased as they touched the submarine’s metal hull. I also saw flashes of light in the midst of these waters, looking like streams of melted […] Read more

A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers

My mother’s hands are veiny and strong. Her neck has veins. Her back has freckles. She used to do a trick where it looked like she would be pulling off her thumb when in fact, she was not. Do you know this trick? Part of one’s right thumb is made to look like part of […] Read more

All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot

At our marriage, I presented Helen with a modest gold watch. This depleted my capital to such a degree that my bank statement revealed a sum of 25 shillings to begin my new life with my bride. Now a partner, I was starting from scratch, and it would take time to get out in front […] Read more

Animals at Play

In mid-November, the end seemed near for Hudson. The Canadian Eskimo dog was tied near the Hudson Bay, just east of Churchill, Manitoba, with a thousand-pound bear coming toward him and his 40-pack companions. The bear was owned by a hunter and trapper named Brian Ladoon and had been fasting for four months. The open […] Read more


“What’s the matter?” St. Nicholas asked. “Oh, St. Nicholas,” Harim said. “We aren’t important enough for such a big occasion. Last year the Archangel made Heaven sparkle with gold and silver.” “The year before, the Heavenly Choir celebrated Christmas with harps and trumpets and hundreds of voices singing in a magnificent chorus. What could we […] Read more

Big Things are Happening in Little Springfield

[Intro Music Fades In] Narrator: “Big Things are Happening in Little Springfield, a story of growth, change, and the power of community. Get ready to join the residents of Little Springfield as they discover that big things can indeed come in small packages.” [Music Fades Out] Narrator: “Little Springfield was a small town nestled in […] Read more

Breathing Lessons, by Anne Tyler

After losing her girlhood friend, Maggie and Ira Goldstein left to attend the funeral in Pennsylvania. It was scheduled for 10:30 Saturday morning in Deerlick. The destination was some 90 miles north of Baltimore on a narrow country road. Ira figured the ceremony would start around 8 am, making him grumpy. Mornings were not his […] Read more

Charity, by Len Deighton

The world was drained of color and life by a bloated vampire moon. The snowy landscape was grey and blurry as it sped past the train. The railway sliced through the land like a knife, not following any road. The skyline was devoid of everything except a few bright cottages and a dense black forest […] Read more

Dave Barry

So your school is having a science fair! Great! The science fair has long been a favorite educational tool in the American school system, and for a good reason: Your teachers hate you. Haha! No, seriously, although a science fair can seem like a big “pain,” it can help you understand important scientific principles, such […] Read more