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The island feels different without my dad. When we came here for our three weeks every summer, just the two of us, we’d stay in the little fishing shack right down by the water, curling up in sleeping bags on musty blown-up air mattresses…Every night, before we went to sleep, Dad and I would lie […] Read More

THE NAME OF THE ROSE, by Umberto Eco

And I asked myself, frightened and rapt, who was she who rose before me like the dawn, beautiful as the moon, radiant as the sun. Then the creature came still closer to me, throwing into a corner the dark package she had ‘til then held pressed to her body; and she raised her hand to […] Read More


The street was empty and it was a cold night, a light rain was falling where he was driving to but I guessed we were going down all the time toward the lower city. In the end he pulled up in a little side street, stopped the engine and got out of the car, telling […] Read More


When the lights disappeared, her hand went to the automatic she carried inside the belt of her slacks. She fingered its butt, trigger guard, and safety for perhaps the fifth time in the past half hour. It was the only visible sign of her nervousness. Their bedroom was directly ahead, the door open.   […] Read More

THE LAST ANGRY MAN, by Gerald Green

Sam moved forward and reached for the young man’s forearms. He hoped to subdue him quickly without any fighting and escort him from the playground; there was no point in provoking a riot. The tormenter, all slum muscle and grace, recoiled; Sam had barely touched him. The playground instructor saw the white arms and dirtied […] Read More


Any desire of the heart is there for you to discover and manifest. Whatever inspires you is an aspect of yourself. Be precise about what you admire in someone and find that part in yourself. If you have the aspiration to be something, it’s because you have the potential to manifest what you are seeing […] Read More


Round bird is not like other birds, he has a big round body with little wings. He cannot fly but, he wants to play with the other birds more than anything. Everyday and in many ways, he tries to fly, then he tries again. But nothing worked. Then he thought it might be better to […] Read More


The small boys came early to the hanging. It was still dark when the first three or four of them sidled out of the hovels, quiet as cats in their felt boots. A thick layer of fresh snow covered the little town like a new coat of paint, and theirs were the first footprints to […] Read More

NEGOTIATE LIKE A PRO by Lisa Bertagnoli

Even in these enlightened days when women are CEOS and cabinet members, many still feel uncomfortable with blatant displays of power. Women are often afraid to ask for what they want because they tend to confuse assertion with aggression. Aggression implies violation. When you act aggressively, the other person will feel angry or taken advantage […] Read More

THE NANNY DIARIES, by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

…She wants to know what I study, what I plan to do in the future, what I think of private schools in Manhattan, what my parents do. I answer with as much filigree and insouciance as I can muster, trying to slightly cock my head like Snow White listening to the animals. She, in turn, […] Read More