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Whether you’ve got one left foot or two, Gotta Dance Studios gets them both moving. From Ballroom to Ballet, our teachers are trained to train the untrained — and to love it. We know that everybody’s gotta dance, and we need every body — every shape, every size, every age — all bodies to come […] Read more


God has promised each of us that when we need Him most, His angel – our own special guardian angel – will be there to help and comfort us. That’s what you can be to our kids … a wonderful and precious angel of mercy who is there for them in their time of need. […] Read more


When you’ve played a guitar for years, every scratch, ding, and worn-down fret means something. The places you’ve been, the songs you’ve sung, the people you’ve shared your music with. That’s what a Guild is all about. Made to be played. Guild Guitars […] Read more


After years of rather arrogant indifference your wife’s cat suddenly likes laying in your lap. Possibly the only downside to extremely soft pants. The Ultimate Pant by Haggar. Buy them. Love them. You’ll find a full selection of Haggar Pants at JC Penney […] Read more


The Hallmark jingle bear, only $5.95 when you buy three cards. Where? Only at Hallmark Gold Crown. Imagine what’s in store […] Read more


Visor – What You Make It. Just insert an optional module and your Visor turns into A digital camera, a phone, an MP3 Player or whatever you need it to be. What more could you want from technology? Visit us online for availability. www.handspring.com […] Read more


When designing our New Hanes Classics T-shirts, we started from scratch, literally. Those itchy neck tags have been replaced with ComfortSeal labels that are printed directly on the fabric. So the only thing you feel is Supersoft 100% ring-spun cotton. And it doesn’t get much softer than that. Try the full line of Hanes Classics […] Read more


Play three sets of tennis. Take two aerobic classes. Or just watch someone else do it. The Hanes Sport bra collection has three different styles that offer you support – no matter what your activity […] Read more


I just discovered the most amazing store on the Post Road in Stratford. It’s called Hardware Plus. This is no ordinary hardware store. Hardware Plus is an honest-to-goodness factory outlet. So, not only are the prices and selection incredible, but the people who work there really know hardware. I never get that kind of know-how […] Read more


Next time you plan a quiet, low stress evening at home, why settle for candle-light when you can just as easily have firelight — with a HearthSide Fire Log. Clean-burning fire with no more fuss than it takes to light a candle. And feel the stress melt away. HearthSide Fire Log…put a little hearth in […] Read more