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Commercial Retail Free Voice Over Scripts


Never confuse having a career with having a life. If you’d asked Eddie Bauer the meaning of life, he probably would’ve been too busy fishing to answer. Men and women who “have a life” — or would if they only had a free moment — may call for a nearby store or catalog of our […] Read more


Eddie Bauer specialized in keeping people comfortable outdoors. But you can’t be comfortable if you’re afraid of getting dirty. Enter Seattle Suede: functional, durable, comfortable and extremely low maintenance. All the comfort and style of genuine suede leather minus the hassle of dry cleaning.   […] Read more


The blue layer breaks down stubborn food stains. The white layer gently scrubs dishes till they shine. Electrasol tabs, the next dimension of clean […] Read more


Ericsson lets you e-mail, fax, and surf the internet – without wires. So it works almost anywhere. Want to go wireless? Call 1-800-ERICSSON for the retailer near you […] Read more


(Beauty and brains.) Beauty outside, quality inside. One intelligent choice. The ESQ Centurion, with diamonds. Only $295. Available at Hecht’s and Lord and Taylor department stores. ESQ Swiss […] Read more


The perfect interior … one that fits your lifestyle best, blending the elements that express your taste and personality. An ETHAN ALLEN trained professional designer can create the ideal setting for your home. Call one of our Studios of Interior Design in Danbury, White Plains, Glenbrook, or Northport […] Read more


Dressing down can mean dressing up a little. Or a lot. Either way, it’s a breeze at Fair Oaks Shopping Mall. Because our 48 women’s specialty stores keep you covered from head to toe. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. To give you the looks you want. And second glances, if you want them. Look pretty. […] Read more


So the movers are gone and here I am in my house. I remember when my folks took my sister and me to Fairfield Furniture — so we could help pick out the good furniture. Well, I’ve got my mansion now. It might not be the Emperor’s Palace, but the furniture is from Fairfield Furniture […] Read more


Hey, the secret’s out … The Fairfield Mall is open and ready to invite you to a whole new world of shopping. This Saturday — opening day — music and celebration all day long, balloons for the kids, and dancing after dark. THE FAIRFIELD MALL is pulling out all the stops to show you how […] Read more


Yesterday, my daughter said she’d die if she didn’t get these new shoes everyone’s wearing. Well, if it wasn’t for Fayva, we’d have lost a daughter. See, at Fayva, I can afford to keep up with the latest craze, because they don’t go crazy with the prices. Now she says she can’t live without a […] Read more