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Commercial Retail Free Voice Over Scripts


The perfect gift starts with love. For family, friends, colleagues, for everyone who really matters in your life. Ann Taylor loft […] Read more


Slip into a hydrotherapy bath or melt under a reflexology massage. Be pampered by AquaSpa, the most luxurious spa at sea.. And to all of life’s little tensions, say bon voyage. For reservations, call your travel agent or 1-800-CELEBRITY […] Read more


It’s the look you’re looking for. Your own unique style. Visions Solarian allows you to combine color to create borders, stripes, insets, accents. Unlimited options can make your room brighter, more colorful, more interesting, more personal. See for yourself. Call 1-800 233-3823 for your nearest Armstrong Floor Fashion Center retailer […] Read more


Listen … What do you hear? Nothing … no noise … digital audio purity … the new digital audio tape machines from Panasonic will change the way you listen to music … FOREVER! Sit down, relax, close your eyes, and get ready for the new digital audio tape recorders from Panasonic … only at AUDIO […] Read more


So you finally get that humongous TV with the man-eating speakers that apparently goes with your other twelve blinking boxes. Now where the heck are you gonna put them? No one puts the home in home theater like Audio-One. There’s a sale on now […] Read more


The Hartford Courant’s got a great new way to shop for a used car. It’s AutoSource … Connecticut’s used car hotline. Call 522-AUTO from anywhere, anytime, and shop for a used car by make, model, budget, and options. It’s easy. Simply call 522-AUTO and follow the prompts. Auto Source … Connecticut’s used car hotline. All […] Read more


Now at Aveda, the present is the future. This holiday season; embrace the millennium with optimism and hope. With special gift ideas for hair, skin, body and lifestyle. Expressing wishes and affirmations for the people you love, through the experience of pure flowers and plants. Awake. Aware. Aveda […] Read more


This year, step into a whole new you, with Bally’s new Rapid Results membership. Call 1-800-Fitness and transform yourself, for no money to start. Plus get last year’s rate. Bally’s new Rapid Results membership can be your total fitness solution […] Read more


A Sensual Revolution. A Bra That’s There, but barely […] Read more


In Manhattan there’s a landmark community filled with historic brownstones and old-world charm. Its name is Chelsea. And in Chelsea, there’s another landmark, one that’s known throughout the world. Its name is Barney’s. With men’s fashions from here and abroad, a trip to Barney’s is like a tour of the fashion capitals of the world. […] Read more