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Dracula’s monologue

Here I wait, in this damp carriage. I can do nothing now, but plan my journey back to my homeland, for I am now hunted – by men who are determined to frustrate my designs. I…Count Dracula…hunted! My ancestors hiss at their ignorance of my power, but in a country that is not my own […] Read more

Dubliners, chapter 1

There was no hope for him this time: it was the third stroke. Night after night I had passed the house (it was vacation time) and studied the lighted square of window: and night after night I had found it lighted in the same way, faintly and evenly. If he was dead, I thought, I […] Read more

Duel On Syrtis by Poul Anderson

The night whispered the message. Over the many miles of loneliness it was borne, carried on the wind, rustled by the half-sentient lichens and the dwarfed trees, murmured from one to another of the little creatures that huddled under crags, in caves, by shadowy dunes. In no words, but in a dim pulsing of dread […] Read more

Ebola K Audiobook Audition Script

Notes: Samples are from different chapters, and were used to audition a narrator for Bobby Adair’s Ebola K book, available on Amazon. Book is a free download, so if you wanted to practice with the entire book, check Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble. Characters Austin is a college-aged American kid, on a study […] Read more

El Paso’s Gold Rush Bonanza (Weekly 1 Minute History Moment Program on Local Radio)

There’s Gold in them thar hills! January 24, 1848 Gold is discovered at Sutter’s Mill in California and the rush is on. People with “Gold Fever” from around the world head to California’s Mother Lode and have to pass right through El Paso on their way. El Paso, known as Franklin then, was the midpoint […] Read more

Excerpt Sophie’s Choice by William Styron

Chapter One In those days cheap apartments were almost impossible to find in Manhattan, so I had to move to Brooklyn. This was 1947, and one of the pleasant features of that summer which I so vividly remember was the weather, which was sunny and mild, flower-fragrant, almost as if the days had been arrested […] Read more

Excerpts from Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

16 April 1963 My Dear Fellow Clergymen:
While confined here in the Birmingham city jail, I came across your recent statement calling my present activities “unwise and untimely.” Seldom do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas. If I sought to answer all the criticisms that cross my desk, my secretaries would have […] Read more

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders By Brian O Underhill, Kimcee McAnally, John J Koriath Narrated by Richard Dalke Audition Script The word coach derives from 15th-century Hungary, referring to the village of Kocs, where fine transportation coaches were first constructed. The purpose of a coach was to transport people […] Read more

Fatal Tide By Iris Johansen

Someone coming toward her. It was going to happen again. Helpless. Helpless. Helpless. The scream that tore from Melis’s throat jarred her awake. She jerked upright in bed. She was shaking, her T-shirt soaked with sweat. Only a dream. She wasn’t helpless. She’d never be helpless again. She was strong now […] Read more

Fishing with Frank

Fishing with Frank, A.K.A. “Termite” by David Knize The note on my door read, “Gone fishin with my Step Dad Frank” We called the fishing resort and confirmed our reservation like we’ve done every year. We packed our clothes checked our tackle and loaded our gear. Just a mere eight hour drive to our favorite […] Read more