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DaVinci Code II

Jan. 8, 2008 — Another Da Vinci code is emerging from Leonardo’s masterpieces, according to a forthcoming book by group of Da Vinci theorists who believe that biblical images are hidden within the master’s artworks. Worthy of a Dan Brown novel, the claim identifies Leonardo’s mirror writing as the key to unlocking the code. The […] Read more

Death During Filming

Long after their time is up, movie stars live on through DVDs and cable reruns. But the stars on this list died before completing a project, leaving directors in an emotional and logistical bind, and forever attaching a dark footnote to a movie’s history. In some cases the movie was canceled, or the star was […] Read more

Death Valley

The largest national park south of Alaska, Death Valley is known for extremes: It is North America’s driest and hottest spot (with fewer than two inches/five centimeters of rainfall annually and a record high of 134°F), and has the lowest elevation on the continent—282 feet below sea level. Even with its extremes, the park still […] Read more

Declaration of Independence

On July 2nd, the Continental Congress voted in favor of Lee’s resolution for independence in a near-unanimous vote. On that day, John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail that July 2 “will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival” and that the celebration should include “Pomp and Parade…Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires […] Read more

Decoding Nazi Secrets

By mid-1940, the German Army had conquered all of western Europe. Hitler was tightening the noose around Britain. In the Atlantic, German U-boats were decimating Allied convoys, threatening to cut off Britain’s only lifeline. But Churchill had a secret weapon, the strangest military establishment in the world. Crossword fanatics, chess champions, mathematicians, students and professors, […] Read more


The deer approaches the opening, unaware of the cougar’s presence. Slowly and quietly, Shuka creeps toward his prey. Hearing a twig crack, the deer turns and faces impending danger. There is no time to run before the six-foot-long, 200 pound male cougar pounces on its back and bites its neck. The deer, a favorite food […] Read more

Demo Test

It’s the backbone of modern life, it’s in the food we eat, the houses we live in, and the cars we drive. One of the most important Commodities in the world, oil. But what if it all suddenly disappeared, “how would the world react?” This is the story of China’s greatest armada lead by one […] Read more

Design For Humanity Award

In a world of so much rhetoric and so little action, the discovery of real achievement, gives us hope that life on this earth may be changed for the better — that if a small group of individuals with some good ideas, a sincere desire to help other people, and a lot of hard work […] Read more

DIAMOND – Debiers

Today, seventy percent of the world’s rough diamonds pass through the central selling organization the ESO, established by Debiers at Charterhouse Street in London. To regulate the flow of diamonds and maintain stability of prices on the world market, diamonds are first classified and valued. Here, along the north wall, in natural light, expert’s sort […] Read more

Diamond Lies

Why are diamonds a valuable investment? Is it because they are so rare? Anyone who understands how economics works, knows that price is often the result of demand. A product is only priced in such a way as to provide both profit and also perceived value in the market place. If bananas where considered like […] Read more