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Narration Documentary Free Voice Over Scripts

Caribbean Seafood

An early Caribbean traveler recorded the “rare kinds of fishes” he tasted at Barbadian tables this way: “Mullets, Macquerels, Parrot Fish, Snappers, Crabs, and Lobsters.” Like him, today’s island visitors relish the opportunity to taste fresh seafood with exotic names, and equally exotic preparations. Some of the Caribbean seafood dishes merely seem exotic because, forced […] Read more

Case Study: Forward

Barack Obama was launched into the spotlight during the 2008 presidential election. The Yes We Can music video, created by Fred Goldring, has more than 25 million views and was named the 6th most important YouTube video of all time. The video brought the Obama brand to life, and set the stage for his time […] Read more


In 2002, HBO’s cameras went inside Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch for the first time – and brought viewers a never-before-seen look inside an actual legal brothel in the USA. A year later, in Cathouse 2: Back in the Saddle, HBO returned for another intimate look at the “working girls” who pleasure men (and women) for […] Read more


They are hunters, with muscles taut, and eyes fixed on their intended prey. They are gentle, with fluid movement and a sensitive touch. They are regal, with a lineage that goes back to worshiped ancestors during the time of the Pharaohs. They are introspective, aloof, unpredictable, affectionate, comical and mischievous. They are cats […] Read more

Central African Republic

The people of the Central African Republic (CAR) are trapped in crisis. Over a period of 18 months, Doctors Without Borders conducted four mortality studies, and in areas where more than half the people reside, death rates were several times what is considered to be the emergency threshold by the World Health Organization. The country’s […] Read more

Century of Change

In the years between 1850 and 1950 the world changed, more than in all the centuries of history. In that time, the Industrial Revolution took root in the imaginations and talents of the American people. America had started its national life with the advantage of many cutures being exchanged among her citizens. American history began […] Read more

Chester, CT

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Connecticut River Valley, Chester is a lovely New England village. The charming winding roads, interesting shops, and friendly people greet the visitor and resident alike. Originally known as Pattaquonk Quarter, Chester was settled in 1692. Many mills sprang up as settlers established permanent homes and Chester became the […] Read more

Chicago Jazz Ensemble

Founded by the late Jazz Composer, William Russo, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble specializes in the repertories of Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton and other great bands that have forged the American big band Jazz Heritage. Before our show begins, we take you on a journey spanning the history of the Chicago Jazz scene, and honoring the […] Read more

China’s Mega Dam

Employing over forty thousand people, it’s China’s biggest project since the Great Wall. From the groundbreaking to the completion of the world’s largest ship docks, this film chronicles the progress and price for the world’s biggest and most controversial dam. This is the story of the Three Gorges Project. China’s Mega Dam […] Read more


If you’re young at heart, you might dream of working in a candy or chocolate factory. Oh, how sweet it would be. Well, at least for a little while […] Read more