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Writing Content for Your Voice Over Website That Google and Voice Talent Seekers Will Love

Google’s advice when thinking about content for your website is “We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward.” What does this mean and how can a voice actor use it to create great content that is also relevant to voice over talent seekers? Google […] Read more

HTTP/1.1: Status Code Definitions

HTTP/1.1: Status Code Definitions – A List of HTTP status codes that you may see on your website or web server. part of Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1 RFC 2616 Fielding, et al. 10 Status Code Definitions Each Status-Code is described below, including a description of which method(s) it can follow and any metainformation required in the […] Read more

Learn How Visitors Look At Your Voice Over Website Using Eye Tracking Technology

Voice Over websites that are truly effective at converting visitors into customers are not only visually attractive, they provide an easy and familiar experience. You don’t want to teach voice over talent seekers how to use your website. In general, websites follow certain design conventions. Using eye tracking technology, we can accurately predict how users […] Read more