Learn How Visitors Look At Your Voice Over Website Using Eye Tracking Technology

How Visitors Look At Your Voice Over Website Using Eye Tracking Technology

Voice Over websites that are truly effective at converting visitors into customers are not only visually attractive, they provide an easy and familiar experience. You don’t want to teach voice over talent seekers how to use your website. In general, websites follow certain design conventions. Using eye tracking technology, we can accurately predict how users will look at your website.

The importance of understanding these user behaviors and designing around them, can make all the difference. Most website visitors spend about 80 percent of their time looking at text, audio, images and video above the “fold”. This means the portion of the page that does not require the user to scroll down.

Users tend to view websites in an “F” pattern. Starting in the upper left and read across the top, back down the left side, across the middle to the right, and then back down the left side. This is valuable to know, because your most important information should be placed inline with this viewing pattern.

Approximately 69 percent of a visitors time is spent looking at information on the left side of a website. This assumes the visitor is from a country where people read from left to right.

The chart below goes into more detail about the importance of eye tracking and how you can use it to build a website that will be easy to navigate and intuitive to browse!

Voice Over Website Eye Tracking