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Elephants of Kilimanjaro Television Documentary

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A young elephant takes it’s first wobbly steps after birth in the heartland of Kilimanjaro, named after it’s majestic mountain, also the highest peak in all of Africa. This little elephant will enjoy all that the region has to offer, including semi-arid savannas and wetlands, growing up amidst several diverse ecosystems that connect the circle of life in Kilimanjaro. Other inhabitants, great and small, of this beautiful heartland are lions, cheetahs, the striped hyena, giraffes, and an assortment of aviary creatures such as the eagle and hawk, all of which will influence the life of our little friend. Treading carefully behind her mother, the young elephant learns to follow her elders, gaining a sense of safety and belonging. She is the newest member of her herd, and will some day establish herself as the leader of her own herd, but her time will come soon enough.