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Facebook Etiquette

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Hey Facebook users – uh, here are a couple of suggestions if you’re over the age of nine…

Some people have this idea that the number of “friends” you have on Facebook is a status of your popularity in real life. That may be true if these “friends” are people whom you know offline, and not strangers whom you randomly add while browsing through the Facebook network. But, hey, go ahead and let everyone know that you have 2300 “friends.” That’s sure to convince people that you’re really popular.

Secondly, no one cares what you ate last night unless Oprah’s personal chef cooked it or a naked Kardashian served it to you personally. Stop posting about your wonderful dinner at the Olive Garden, because the only person who wants to hear about it is Olive Garden’s customer service. We all understand that your dinner was one of the best of your life, but let’s face it: we’d rather look at pictures of babies and kittens than hear about your Fettucini Alfredo.