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Pfizer Corporate Orientation

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At Pfizer, we want every colleague to feel connected by an inspiring vision of our place in the world and our future together.

Achievement of the vision begins with clarity. As we continue through this orientation, you will see that we have rare clarity about our mandate as an organization, and the way people within it must pursue results.

But the words can only be a guide for action. Each of us must feel energized by our purpose and mission, become a champion of our values, and behave as a leader.

We are a great company, with a record of exceptional performance and success. But we have before us the opportunity to become an enduring leader, contributing more to human health than any company in history. It is up to each of us to find a way to lead.

Understanding the principles that guide our quest is only the start. Bringing them to life through action is the challenge we face every day. Together, we can meet this challenge.