“Pink” — Behind The Music

There was a time when Pink thought Madonna was her mother. Right before her first album came out, Pink said she didn’t talk to her real, non-Madonna mom for almost a year when she was younger because she was convinced she was adopted. And while she has since accepted that she was not born of a pop star royal, she just might become one on her own, without the benefit of special blood. She made some noise on the scene in 2000 with her debut, “Can’t Take Me Home,” which introduced the world to a fiery, neon-haired “white girl who sings like a black girl.” It was when she put on garters and a top hat for the smash remake of “Lady Marmalade,” though, that people started to say her name at the dinner table. And now that she’s got everyone’s attention, she’s ready to show them what she’s got — and that doesn’t include a large collection of booty shorts.