Popsi & Lucy: Fluent Frog

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Popsi (Narrator): Once upon a time there was a little kid walking down the street.
Lucy: My name is Lucy.
Popsi (Narrator): She came upon a frog in the middle of the sidewalk.
Frog: Ribbit.
Lucy: Hello little frog!
Frog: Ribbit ribbit.
Lucy: (gasp) You are?
Frog: Ribbit (croak croak ) ribbit (croak).
Lucy: (chuckling) Oh, that’s interesting!
Frog: (continuing) Ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit!
Lucy: (pondering) Hmm… I guess it’s all in how you look at it…
Frog: (croak) Ribbit, ribbit!
Popsi (Narrator): This little kid had a very special talent: she could speak fluent frog.
Lucy: Well, it was very nice talking with you, little frog! I hope everything works out okay for you today. You have a good one, okay?
Frog: (croak)
Popsi (Narrator): What the two of them were talking about – I guess we’ll never know…