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Preventing Heart Diase

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Facts- one in 3 American adults have high blood pressure

Number 1 cause death of in the United States is cardiovascular disease

Heart disease is leading cause death for both men and women. In 2009, more than half of deaths were men.

Lifestyle choices that put people in higher risk for heart disease are Diabetes, Overweight and obesity, Poor diet, Physical inactivity, Excessive alcohol use.

What the AMA is doing to help improve the BP rate
•Partnered w/ AHA on Target BP (initiative that works to reduce the number of Americans who suffer heart attacks and strokes by urging physicians and care teams to prioritize blood pressure control

•Go to source for information and guidance on how to improve blood pressure control rates and recognizes their commitments to their efforts

•3 Pillars to program:

•Measure blood pressure accurately, every time it’s measured. Measuring accurately is the first step to hypertension control.

•Act rapidly to address high blood pressure readings.

•Partner with patients, families and communities to promote self-management.

“What’s nice about [the BP Improvement Program] is you can pick and choose the tools you might use according to your assessment of what you office is in need of.”
Deborah Midgley, MD
Erie Family Health Center

Recognition Program
•Physician practices and health systems will be recognized for achieving blood pressure control rates at or above 70% within the populations they serve

•2 levels of recognition:

•Achievement: >70% of patients w/ blood pressure controlled to <140/90 in 2016

•Participation: recognizes health care systems for registering w/ Target BP and submitting data