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Real Estate Agent Commercial

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The average person moves five times over their lifetime. If its moving time for you, Jeannie’s ready to help sell your home quickly and professionally! Give Jeannie Jacobsen a call to start your marketing plan with an accurate evaluation of your home and property. As a licensed appraiser and real estate agent, Jeannie will competently evaluate your home and start selling to prospective buyers faster than you can say ‘Jiminy’s Cricket’. Jeannie’s 3 Step Promo Plan will get your home in front of the most qualified buyers by means of real estate magazines, online listing sites, and through print advertising in your local news paper. Call Jeannie at 555-9875 to get your house on the market. Call before the weekend, and get your home featured on Jeannie’s website and sent out its details sent out to over one thousand interested buyers via email!