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Welcome to part one of two of our exploration of Anime. Anime voiceover is a unique genre that invites a list of different skills. With its origins in Japan, the abbreviation comes from ‘Japanimation’ down to ‘Anime’ from the word ‘Animation.’ Within this two-part article, we will explore Anime, its history, how it differs from other genres, and what similarities it contains.

Anime vs. Animation

Animation covers such a wide spectrum, from Sponge Bob Square Pants right through to Micky Mouse. So, what is the difference between animation and anime? We will look at the narrative, but for now, we can focus on the performance. The art of animation offers subtext and means for all ages to enjoy. Typically, it is drawn and written for a younger audience. It is child friend, colorful, slapstick, and subtle. The character behavior and the artwork are all bright. Anime uses a deeper spread of color, and the soundtrack is generally a bit more orchestral. The biggest difference of all sits in the narrative.

The Narrative of Anime Voiceover

Though Anime does have some elements of slapstick and humor within it, one of the main themes is the ongoing battle between good and evil. The characters have great depth and backstories. At some points, it can feel like an animated version of a TV drama. It does not shy away from pain, either. In an animated cartoon, a character could get blown up with TNT and walk away fine, with a few black marks and a black cloud coming out the character’s mouth when he coughs. In anime, it would have the limb that had been blown off, along with the blood and the agony to go with it.

Anime VS Videogames

We now understand more about anime and how it differs from animation. The question is, now, what about video games? After all, video games usually have a more naturalistic approach to entertainment, and it certainly does not shy away from the details. The biggest difference is the visual content. Video games are not drawn or animated like a cartoon is a kid’s animation or the most grotesque of animals. We do see a lot of this amazing graphic work in animations, such as Finding Nemo, Frozen, and Toy Story, as a few examples. The difference between this and video games is the commitment to realism and truth. If a video game captures the Pyramids, a Soldier, or anything else, you know that the attention to detail will be amazing. Every part of it will be true to reality.

Anime Voiceover Summary

Within this article, we have looked at what differences there are between Anime to other genres. We also looked over a wide overview of Anime and its neighboring genres. During the second part of this article spread, we will examine the similarities between these genres and Anime. Please make sure to check part two of our Anime exploration.


The wonderful world of Anime Voiceover by Alan Shires – Actor, Voiceover Artist, and Presenter at www.alanshires.co.uk.