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Welcome to ‘Voice Acting is Acting.’ In my 30-plus years in the Voice Over industry, I have soaked up loads of useful information that I love to share with my VO Community. Out of everything that I have learned, two big things stand out which are:

First of all, Voice Acting is an ACTING job! So having ACTING training is a must, and it is essential. Whether it be in the form of scene study, Karaoke, community theatre, improv sessions, stand-up jobs, etc., it is vitally important to do. All of these are forms of acting or performance; studying them is extremely valuable. It does not matter if you are standing in front of the lens or standing in front of the camera; it is all acting.

Secondly. the ability to read out loud, quickly, and accurately is paramount. Your cold-reading ability indicates this. If you can not do this yet, that means it is something you need to work on and practice daily until you become proficient at it.

The Actors Life

We all, to a degree, Want to use our voices to make money. But before anyone can do that, they need to learn the ins and outs along with the dos and don’ts of how to get started and work in this industry. A quick list of essential things required to learn includes:
– Microphone etiquette
– How to make some of the most common sounds and noises (trust me, with this one, you will be surprised!)
– Quickly and efficiently working with copy and scripts of all genres (Something even the best of us must continue developing)
– Creating a demo reel that is fit for the purpose that highlights you in the best light possible (This is your digital resume, so show off!)
– What it’s like within a studio and what to expect from a session
– How voiceover works as a business (Yes, this is a business!)

Voiceover Training Summary

There is so much more to address, but let us take things one step at a time. I support everyone from the biggest pros to the freshest of beginnings, and I love helping them find value and success. It is important to be generous with knowledge; this is another reason I wrote a book. There is so much more I want to say, but one blog article is not enough. I have, however, written a book called Voice-Over 101: How to Succeed as A Voice Actor (2nd edition). It contains valuable information for becoming a working voice actor. Inside you can find my tips and advice that only a true industry veteran and hard-working professional would know. I want to share it all with you! Plus, you’ll receive access to a video library where you can learn my tricks of the trade firsthand.

Voice Acting is Acting by Debi Derryberry – Actor, Voice Actor, and Coach https://www.debiderryberry.com/