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Texans Deserve Great Schools

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When a school is failing, what can parents do? More than you think. Here are three ways parents are making a difference.

Number one: the “Parent Trigger.” In Texas, if your school has failed for five years in a row, parents can petition to intervene. But best practices say it’s better to intervene sooner rather than later. That’s why in other states parents can start the intervention after only three years.

Number two: the “achievement school district.” Imagine a school that’s failing year after year. Some states send in a dedicated team to take over the school and run it. In New Orleans, this program has cut drop-out rates in half.

And three: investing in teachers. In other states, teachers are treated like the professionals they are, given the training and tools they need to become better teachers and help students achieve.

These are three ways parents are helping failing schools. See more at “Texans Deserves Great Schools dot org” (TexansDeservesGreatSchools.org) Paid for by Texans Deserves Great Schools.